Inside: how to make your own button tree embellishment   When I sit down to create a page I usually have an idea and when I start working this idea takes shape. My idea for this photo was to create a scene around the photo. Since the boys were pointing at something in the distant view I wanted to complete the story by creating a near view of where they were standing.     HOW TO MAKE A SCENE   Making a scene is basically adding embellishments to complete a vision of a scene or a place. So instead of embellish a page with abstract or cluster embellishments you actually create a scene like you would in a painting.   The scene for this photo is a path with flowers and a tree shading the two boys.     MAKING A BUTTON TREE   One of my favorite things to do when I create a scrapbook page is to …


  Inside: how to make a DIY spiral paper flower for scrapbook pages, cards and paper crafts   How many times did you need an embellishment for a project you were working on but didn’t have what you wanted? It was the wrong size, the wrong color or the wrong shape… there is nothing more annoying to stop working on a project because you don’t have what you need to finish it!     I never find myself in this situation because I make my own embellishments! I started doing that when I started scrapbooking because when I started there was simply nothing to use. The scrapbooking industry didn’t exist here and I could buy any papers or embellishments even if I wanted to… so I had to make what I needed. Since then it became kind of a personal challenge to be self sufficient when it comes to embellishments and I try to buy as little as I can …

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