Inside: the best techniques o cover and paint chipboard for a great look for your project.     I’m a control freak… and I don’t like to be dictated to in life or in my crafts. That means that I always prefer making or painting my own embellishments instead of using something bought that someone else decided what color it will be. So whenever I use chipboard on a project I like using bare shapes and cover or paint them myself to match its style and color to my project.     MAKING PROJECTS WITH CHIPBOARD   Chipboard is a versatile material to use in craft projects of almost any kind. It can add texture and dimension to a scrapbook page, a mixed media canvas or an altered box. When it comes bare you can customize its color and texture to match it to any project you’re working on. To find out more about how to work with it …

Valentine's Day Coupons Mini Album – Ann Butler's Designs

Wow! I can’t believe January is almost over. I don’t know about you but it has flew by for me. Before we’ll have a chance to blink Valentine’s Day will be here. Here’s a little fast, easy and romantic idea for a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart or a friend…a coupons mini album! This is a DT project for Ann Butler’s Designs.A coupons mini album is aa album in which each page has a pocket with a coupon inside. What will be written on the coupon is up to you. You can be romantic, like me, and have coupons for a massage, dinner or xxx if you’re doing it for a friend the coupons can be for a movie, baby sitting for their kids or any other gift you know they’ll enjoy. It can also be a great idea for kids to give to their friends. To create the mini album I used an old LYB decorative edged papers …


  Inside: how to use pastels in art journaling   I was never afraid to get my fingers dirty just the opposite I love it! It always seem like a medal of honor for my hard work making my art journal pages. One of my favorite tools in making art journal pages are pastels because I can get unique results and dirty fingers…     WHAT ARE PASTELS   Pastels come in the shape of sticks, similar to crayons, and comprised of pure powdered pigments blended with a type of thickening agent such as animal glue to bind them together. They are available in several types and are an exciting medium for beginners as they can be used with little preparation. They dry almost immediately, meaning there is a short wait for your final creation. Mostly, they are applied by hand – a functional and favored feature, allowing real control for creativity. A real bonus for those starting is that …

Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Caterpillar

Sometimes I have an idea in my head and I know exactly how I want my art journal page to look. But sometimes I come across a sentence I really like and my head starts to sound like Waze…reconfiguring…I suddenly find myself with a new idea that I like even better! This is what happened to this art journal page. I knew exactly what I wanted. A page with a winter feel, dark colors and rain, but then I came across this sentence: ” Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over she began to FLY” it’s a paraphrase of a quote by Barbara Haines Howett and it really spoke to me. Suddenly I saw vibrant colors and butterflies… This art journal page is a little different because there is only partial background and some of the page is blank. It enhances the flow of the page and the feeling that the butterflies are actually flying. I used a …

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