Steampunk Altered Boxes Chest

You asked for altered art videos And you asked for steampunk projects videos so what’s better than combining the two? This was such a great project to make. I know I say that about all the projects I make but I really enjoy creating steampunk projects! Pure FUN!! This project almost didn’t happen. I was thinking what to do for this week’s Saturday MIXTRAVAGANZA video tutorial and my mind went blank. I couldn’t think of what to do, nothing came into my mind. I remembered you guys asked for altered stuff projects so I went to my studio and started going over stuff I have in my drawers. Nothing…my mind was empty! Whenever you have a situation like that the best thing is to stop thinking about it. Just leave it. The minute I let go it came…I’ll do a steampunk altered boxes and I’ll pile them one on top of the other and create a funky chest. As all …

Mixed media canvas – Fill Your Life

Sometimes it’s really fun taking things literally. Especially art. Usually art is something expressive that you can take to different directions and interpret how you want. But this mixed media canvas means exactly what it says… I started thinking one day about all the good things my life is filled with and how I never want them to end. Then i thought this could be a great subject for a “Wall of Inspiration” canvas. “If only I could actually fill something with these things…” But wait…I can! I remembered all these little bottles I have kept around (because I never throw anything away…) and knew they will be just the right thing for this canvas. You can use old perfume bottles and test tubes and you can also get them in craft stores. From that point everything was really quick and easy and doing the video was pure fun! Check out all the texture I created on the canvas with …

Making a Family History Book Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of making a Family History Book! I have some more tips for an old school traditional heritage scrapbook to share! Use Office Supplies Last time we stopped at the middle of the first chapter that was about the first link in the chain…my son. The next page is avout the school years and would be great as a design for Back to School page. I used an old fashion notebook for the text. I removed all the pages and inserted the printed cardstock that I cut to size.   The page when the notebook is closed Note book opened   More Text Less Space A great way to insert long texts to a limited space is to create interactive mechanism. A small notebook or booklet that measures 4″x6″ will only take that space although it can include a lot of text. Print the text on flaps or fold A4 pages in half. This way you can …


  Inside: the best way to repeat an element on your art journal page   Making art journal pages is for me not just a release or a therapeutic action it is also an opportunity to try new techniques an ideas. Recently I had an idea to make an art journal page with a repeat element that will appear on the page in a few different ways. So I challenged myself to come up with ways to do that and that was a really fun and creative exercise.     REPEAT ELEMENT IN ART   One of the most common elements in art is repeating elements. There are two ways to achieve that effect:   REPETITION   Repetition refers to one object or shape repeated – it can be any shape arranged on the page in any order or direction. Once an element appears on the page more than once it can be considered as a repeat element.   PATTERN …

Making a Family History Book Part 1

My young son is turning 13 soon. This year it’s his bar-Mitzvah year which means he has special events throughout the year not only with the family but at school too. One of the highlights of the year is creating a heritage book. This is a few months process where the kids find out about their roots and ancestors through interviews, photos, stories and memorabilia. my son started this process in a very reluctant way, not really understanding why does he need to do such an elaborate work. Slowly he was captured by the stories about far away places and events, the old photos and the customs. He even got to the point of telling me: “I don’t understand why we have a time limit on this and why we are graded on it. Such an important work should not be done under pressure. I don’t care about the grade I’m doing it because it’s important!”   15% of the …


  Inside: what you need to know to hand stitch a journal cover   I’m a paper hoarder with lots of craft paper of all kinds. Not only that but I also don’t throw many leftover paper so I have a lot of paper scraps too. I always challenge myself to use all these papers because it bothers me to have so much papers just sitting there… my latest idea was to create a junk journal with signatures from paper scraps and regular printing paper.     DIY STITCHED BOOK COVER   Traditional book binding is done with a needle and thread in many different ways. There are many different stitches you can sew a book or a journal cover but the most popular and easy method is sewn binding which is a strong, durable binding where inside pages are sewn together in sections or signatures.   THE SEWING BINDING PROCESS   When sew binding a book, organize pages into …

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