Create Your Own Washi Tape with Ann Butler Stamps and Inks

Who doesn’t love washi tape? We all do! That’s why we have stashes of it at home right? But how often do you want a certain pattern, color or images on your washi tape and you don’t have it? After all we can’t have every single washi tape on the planet. I have a solution for this problem…Create your own washi tape! It’s a much easier task than you think. All you need is a medical tape which is low tack and semi transparent that you can find it in the drug store, stamps and ink. I used Ann Butler Faux Quilting 1″ Stamps and Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap. I played around with the ink and stamps and here are a few easy and quick techniques for you to try: 1. Simple PatternChoose a pattern stamp and a color of ink and stamp repeatedly across the tape. 2. Pattern and ColorColor the tape with ink diluted with water …

You Want to Make a Card?

The basis of frugal crafting is make your own supplies instead of buying them. So today let’s make cards! Here’s a guide to cutting typical card sizes from 8.5 x 11 and 12×12 papers. Typical Card SizesA9: 5.5″ x 8.5″A7 5″ x 7″A6: 4.5″ x 6.25″A2: 4.25″ x 5.5″4 – Bar: 3.5″ x 4.875″3″ x 3″6″ x 6″ Here’s a table with all the cards sizes and what you need to cut either from 8.5″ x 11″ or 12 x 12 paper. I found this table at and  I thought it’s really useful. Print this out and save it. Next time that you want to make a card you won’t have to go to the store and buy a card, simply cut it out of a paper in your stash! I always have a few cards ready for every occasion so I won’t ve caught without one 🙂 Do you make cards or buy them? If you’re a card maker, …

Why Do We Need/Use/Love Quotes?

Most of us are active on social networks. For those who regularly use Facebook or Pinterest inspirational quotes are everywhere. Have you ever wondered why is that? What is it about inspirational or funny quotes that touches us so? As we get lost in our fast paced lives, we need things in packages. Small, easy to digest and instant packages. Motivation and inspiration are no different. We need our quick pill of the day. A pick me up. We are surrounded by so many negativeness in our lives, so we seek an escape or some means to help us better cope. Words of wisdom surely help in such times. A good quote by a famous person or a celebrity gives you the feeling that we all share the same issues and if they could do it so can you. I also love how quotes capture what I feel or how things work in the worldwith one or two sentences. They’re …

Desk Organizer – Ann Butler & Deflecto Frames Blog Hop

Welcome crafty friends! I hope you’re enjoying hopping around and checking out all the great projects. It’s amazing how different they are…just goes to show you that creativity is a wonderful thing! I wanted to try and do something a little different with the Deflecto acrylic frame we got and turn it into a desk organizer. Here’s how to create your own: I started with a piece of cork and stamped it with Ann Butler Ez’ De’s Letter Stamps and a black permanent ink. Then I stamped a paper strip with an assortment of Ann Butler 1″ Faux Quilting stamps and Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap. I used different stamps to create an interesting pattern. I repeated the process on a second strip of paper. I attached the cork to the front of the frame with double sided tape and then attached one strip of the paper. I attached the second strip on the bottom of the frame. I …

Make Your Own Envelope Glue

Lately I’ve been using the mail more, sending out Etsy orders. Most of my orders don’t need a large box or envelope and they fit in a regular envelope. Let me tell you…licking the envelope is discusting! It’s horrible and I always ask myself which chemicals am I putting in my body… I decided to create my own envelope glue, which meand i would need to create myown envelopes too… Here’s my recipe: 1 Mix equallpart white vinegar with Elmer’s Glue-All in a small cup. 2 Add vanilla, peppermint or almond extract for flavor. My personal favorite is cinnamon. 3 Dab glue on the paper with a sponge or small paintbrush. 4 Store in an airtight container. There are more benifits for using your own envelope glue recipe, with easy available ingredients. First of all it’s a fun way to be even more creative with your mail! Second, since it’s not toxic you can use this glue to make your …

Hot Ideas for Capturing Summer memories

Last year I posted about some hot ideas for summer layouts and ya’ll loved it! So why not do another one? Here’s a round up of more ideas for great summer layouts capturing all the fun you had and still have time to have! I have to admit I have mixed feelings about summer. On one hand the weather is horrible, it’s hot, humid and sticky and all you want to do is put the AC in an I.V and syick it in your hand 🙂 On the other hand the days are long, there is a lot of time to have fun with the family, the fruits are amazing and there’s no school! So sometimes i love the summer and sometimes I hate it.. Wet LayoutsWho doesn’t love going to the beach or the swimming pool to cool off in the inviting blue water?  The water is always a great background for taking beautiful photos with a calm atmosphere …

The Great Glue Guide

Using the right glue for a project can be a confusing task. Especially when you take a trip down the adhesives aisle at a craft store there are MANY options! How do you know what adhesive to pick for which project, you don’t know? Well, here’s the ultimate guide to adhesives that will help you make sense out o all the options out there! This list is by no means exhaustive, more a brief overview of some of the main glues and adhesive products you might come across. Apart from being an adhesive, with lots of chemicals that we don’t need to know here, used to fix or bind things together, it is worth knowing a bit about the different types of glues available and what they are actually made of. You then need to match the glue to the material you are using and take into account the weight and texture as well as the purpose of your project. Here …

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