Inside: how to make your own washi tape   Have you ever been in the middle of making a craft project and you needed a specific supply and didn’t have it? It is the most frustrating situations because it can put the entire project on hold and if you’re like me you have zero patience when it comes to finishing a project. What’s the answer? Make your own! This is what happened when I needed some washi tape for a project I was working on and didn’t have the right color and pattern. So I made my own!!     WHAT IS WASHI TAPE   Washi tape is a decorative adhesive tape made from traditional Japanese paper that’s great for craft or journaling. The name washi can be translated to “Japanese paper” simply meaning wa (Japanese) and shi (paper). Unlike western paper which is made from tree pulp, it’s made from Japanese shrubs so its benefits are many: No …


  Inside: how to make an interactive brag book from one piece of paper AND in 5 minutes   I was so busy I FORGOT to buy a gift for a baby shower I was invited to! I remembered only a few hours before I had to go and there was no time to go to a store. But I didn’t panic because I had an emergency DIY gift I could make for any occasion. It’s an fun and interactive mini album that is not only perfect as a brag book for all those cute baby pictures it is also really fast to make!     WHAT IS A BRAG BOOK   A brag book is a collection of graphic elements, like pictures and embellishments, thoughtfully placed together to build the best story about those things you love the most. Traditionally brag books are used by professionals in job interviews to best position themselves as the best candidate for the …

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