How to Create a Family Photo Wall Collage

I have been wanting to do this in my house for a long time but always found a reason to postpone it. For some strange reason I was scared it wouldn’t come out right. But that was my first mistake, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just a few principles to follow will guarantee that your will will look great! 1. Use different size and shape framesIf you use different sizes and shapes frames it will save you the need to measure and create even gaps between the frames. That is because our eye will focus on the shape and size and the gaps between the frames will in fact be invisible. 2. Use color wiselyIf you use colorful frames then have black and white photos, and if you want to use colored photos then keep the frames’ colors neutral like black, white or brown. Choose frame colors that compliment the colors in the room and …

The Power of Art: How My Autistic Son Saved Me

I always felt I’m in the wrong place professionally. When I finished the army (yes, I was in the army but that’s another story) I went to university and studies Social Sciences like I was expected to. It’s not that I wanted to study something else, I didn’t know what I wanted but instead of stopping and thinking about it I did what was expected of me. When you start a path in life then you go on it and everything in your life aligns with it. The job you find is a continuation of that path and my job was in civil service. First the police and then the foreign ministry. A 9 to 5 job in an office, with a boss which was the logical natural place to be after getting a degree in Social Sciences. The thing about paths is that you walk on it until you reach an intersection and then you can decide if you …

5 Minutes Craft: Gift Box

I’m always looking for original, beautiful and unique ways to wrap gifts. Here’s an idea for giving a gift in a box of your own creation. instead of wrapping the gift put it in a box! All you need are two square papers depending on the size of box you want. I used 12×12 papers and got a 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ box. So basically the size of the box is approximately third of the paper size. The great thing is about this idea is that you can customize the size, the colors and the theme of the box and match it to the gift itself and the recipient. For a boy’s gift use a paper with cars, dinosaurs or shapes. If you’re giving a friend concert tickets use a paper with a music theme or if you give your mother a pearl necklace create the box from vintage papers. The possibilities are endless! Don’t miss out! Keep up …

Tips to Use and Store your Pens

If you are even a little like me then you have lots of pens. On friday I shared with you what are my favorite pens. Today I want to share with you how to use them and store them so they’ll last as long as they are supposed to. Working with Pens 1. Make sure that your surface is completely dry if you’re using acrylics or acrylic mediums before you start writing or doodling. If the surface is wet the tip will be destroyed. 2. If using watercolors or watercolor crayons, go over the surface (when you are finished and everything is dry) with a thin coat of gloss medium to seal the watercolors and give it a surface that has some tooth. Keep the application thin and you may have to work in small sections so that the watercolors don’t mush around. This way the pen will write more easily and smoothly. 3. Keep an even hand. The ink …

Toys Shadow Box Wall Hanging

I did some new year’s cleaning in my boy’s’ room and found some old toys they didn’t want anymore. I gave most of them but I kept a few small ones that I likes to create a toys’ shadow box to hang on the wall. It reminds me of the old days when they were little kids playing on the carpet and making noise. I used some old jewelry boxes as the base of the shadow box collection and covered them all with paper on the outside and inside. I tried to match the paper to the toys as well as adding the same themed embellishments. You can use all kinds of boxes to create this collage and different size or theme toys. For a girl some ballerinas, butterflies or small dolls would be great! It’s a really nice childhood memorabilia to display at your home. Don’t miss out! Keep up with all the crafty goodness by subscribing to the Einat …

My Favorite Pens List

I love pens! I unwillingly have a collection of them. I don’t want to but somehow they find their way to my bag, studio and desk drawers 🙂 Before specifying the list of my favorite pens I want to share with you how I know it’s a good pen.* Has to write on dry acrylic paint without skipping, jumping or getting all gunked up!* Lasts a long time and doesn’t dry the minute you open the cap.* I don’t mind if it has odor but I don’t want it to be toxic.These criteria works for me and might not work for you… Uniball Signo White Gel PenI love this pen and how crisp and vibrant it looks even after drying and it’s cheap too. It writes beautifully on acrylic paints and colorful pages in my art journals. It also writes on canvas with no trouble. Uni Posca Paint PenGreat pen that comes in different tip sizes and a variety of colors. …

New Year Creative Resolutions & why I celebrate the new year twice

Being Jewish has its perks and one of them is celebrating New Years twice! First the Jewish new year that is on Sept. 13th (this year) and then the regular new year on Dec 31st. If you are wondering why I celebrate the Christian new year on Dec 31st it’s because this is the calendar we all use and live by. The banks, newspapers, everything with a date works according to this calendar. So having the chance of a Do Over is really nice. I can have a new year resolutions list on September and review it on December or even have a new list. Another great thing about it is I get to have a year and four month to complete the list because I can start on September, which is the Jewish new year and end on December which is the end of the regular year. You can say I’m fooling myself and I probably am, but what …

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