How to Create a Clean Look in Your Art Journal

There is a misconception that art journal pages should be busy, with lots of colors and packed with techniques. But I want to show you How to Create a Clean Look in Your Art Journal. An art journal page can be simple and clean with a lot of white space as long as you like it. Here is how you can create such a page in your art journal:   How to Create a Clean Look in Your Art Journal   The best material to use in my opinion is water colors. Water colors have a transparent soft look that is perfect for a clean look yet colorful. I didn’t have anything in mind when I started the page. I just took my water brush and started adding color to the page.     Usually at this point I get an idea of how I want to continue. But if I don’t I simply add more color or shapes. Sooner …

Imagine Mixed Media Canvas

Hi crafty friends!I’m in the mixed media mood recently and today I want to share a new creation: Imagine Mixed Media Canvas. This canvas was created in the same technique as the last two canvases I shared with you. This technique is one of my favorite because it can transform anything to anything and basically it’s easy to do but its effect is amazing!Imagine Mixed Media CanvasI started with adding texture with modeling paste and a stencil. You can see I also added chipboard corners for extra dimension.  Then I arranged my elements on the canvas. I went for the shabby chic look again with adorned frame and lots of flowers.  You probably guess what’s the next step is… cover everything with gesso. This gives everything the same color more or less and primes all the materials for the next step. When you create a mixed media canvas you use metal, plastic, paper, fabric and clay and not all of them receive …

Vintage Lady Mixed media Canvas

Hi crafty friends!Today I want to share with you a Vintage Lady Mixed media Canvas tutorial. If you know me you’ll probably have the same surprised face my friend made when I created it. I had a wonderful creative day with one of my friends and when she saw what I was doing she had a look of surprise on her face. Why? because this vintage romantic style is completely out of character for me. I usually don’t create projects in this style, at least not recently but I believe that as artists we should always challenge ourselves and step out of our comfort zone. This project is exactly that, a step outside my comfort zone! I decided to create something new and use elements that I don’t normally use.    Vintage Lady Mixed media CanvasI started with a blank canvas and added texture with stencil and modeling paste. Then I added pieces of lace and sisal, which are a type of …

Scrapbooking Tips: How To Use Cut Image

Today on Scrapbooking Tips: How To Use Cut Image. When you have a bad photo with a background you don’t want to use you can cut out the image on the photo and use it on your layout. The best images to use are people images as long as you do it correctly.  Scrapbooking Tips: How To Use Cut ImageRules of cuttingFirst you need to make sure you cut out the image properly. You can’t use a person’s image on a layout if some of their organs are cut. That means that if you can’t cut the image fully don’t cut it. If you need to cut out arms or legs that would look weird on a page and I recommend against it. However there are exceptions. If you need to cut off a foot or a hand then you can still use the photo as long as you find some way of hiding that. For example: the person can stand …


  Inside: altered playing cards with different techniques and materials   When I started with mixed media I was very unsure of almost every step I made because I felt I didn’t know enough techniques, enough materials or had enough experience. I wanted to make mixed media in a small scale that won’t be so scary so I decide to alter playing cards. If until now you were not sure about mixed media like I was, or a little scared to create an art journal page or even a canvas for whatever reason this tutorial series is for you! The 52 playing cards I made really opened my mind and set my creativity free with no fear! These altered mixed media playing cards with the 52 mixed media Techniques is the ultimate series to start and master mixed media techniques.     WHAT ARE ALTERED MIXED MEDIA PLAYING CARDS   There are 52 cards in every deck and we’ll alter …


  Inside: two basic art journaling techniques you need to know   When I started making art journal pages I was really confused with all the techniques and materials, so much so I simply froze and ended up with an empty art journal. BUT I was determined to start making art journal page so I wanted to simplify the process and start with the basics.     BASIC ART JOURNALING TECHNIQUES   There are many basic techniques you can use to make an art journal page but if you want to keep it simple and not use too many materials you need to: Use one or two materials to make your page Apply one or two techniques to the page Once you master the basic techniques you chose combine them   ART JOURNAL PAGE BASIC BACKGROUND TECHNIQUE   The most basic art journal page technique to make background is simply cover the page with color.   Cover the page with …

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