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Giving someone a gift involves a lot of heart and thoughtfulness! And the first impression it leaves comes not only from what's inside but also from how it's presented. Therefore, coming up with a unique wrapping for your presents can make each gift extra special.

Let's explore some creative ways to jazz up your gifts with homemade wrapping paper! From stencils to doodling, there's an abundance of exciting ideas you could easily try at home.




Introducing a creative twist to gift-giving, here are some great methods for creating your own customized wrapping paper:



Harness the power of stencils when creating your own unique gift wrap. These tools provide endless possibilities for personalization. Add figures, words, dates, or patterns on your paper using paint or ink. If you want to make sure your pattern comes up perfect without any bleeding or smearing check out these 10 essential stenciling tips!



Alternatively, a stamp dipped in ink will quickly imprint cute patterns onto plain paper, allowing you to create repeated designs easily and efficiently. The fun part is choosing from an array of colors and patterns to bring life and vibrancy to your own unique gift wrap. Don’t have the right stamp? Make your own stamp with a carving tool and special rubber. Learn how to carve your own stamps with this easy to follow video.




You can also make a customized wrapping paper on your computer. Experiment with different patterns, images, or even typography for a personal touch without getting any paint or ink on your fingers.

Use software like Picsart to help with background editing and create a one-of-a-kind design. Just make sure to use thick paper when you print it out.



How about a breathtaking watercolor-painted wrap for your gift? Pick up some white wrapping paper and your favorite set of watercolors, then let your imagination flow.

Watercolor painting can be intimidating for some people but when you realize how forgiving these paints are you’ll be able to create more freely. Here are some video tutorials to help you master watercolor painting without any special skills or knowing how to draw or paint:

Watercolor techniques for beginners

Watercolor images made easy

3 Ways to use watercolors

All these watercolor step by step tutorials will apply for making your own wrapping paper as well as for art journaling and cards. In fact they will work on any paper!



Nothing adds personality to your gift wrap quite like some freehand doodling. All you need is a roll of plain wrapping paper and a set of markers or pens. Then, let your imagination run wild! You can sketch fun patterns, write heartfelt messages, or draw symbols that hold meaning.

Doodling is so easy to do - you don’t need any special skills and you definitely don’t need to know how to draw. Doodling is basically a combination of simple lines and basic shapes that anyone can do.

Here’s how you can doodle easily on your DIY gift wrap paper:

50 frame doodles for cards and gifts

Easy Christmas doodles

How to make snowflake doodles




Another innovative way to create unique gift wrapping is by crafting a collage onto plain paper. It’s a great way to use paper scraps and leftover pieces. You can also add old magazines, postcards, or art prints. Simply cut out images and quotes and attach them with glue. You can personalize such a wrapping paper for a specific person, by adding their photos or cutout of their hobby or favorite place to the collage.



For those who love a little glitz and glam, homemade glitter paper can create a stunning gift wrap. Start with plain craft paper, apply adhesive in the design of your choice, and sprinkle over it a generous amount of your favorite color of glitter. Make sure to shake off the excess once dry!

From simple polka dots to intricate patterns or even festive themes like snowflakes for Christmas, possibilities abound with this technique. Just be careful not to get it in your hair…




After wrapping your gifts with handmade wrapping paper, complete the experience with a handmade gift tag!
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Don’t forget to add a handmade holiday card with your heartfelt greetings to complete the gift giving experience! From simple cards and pop-up cards to mixed media cards to fancy fold cards, between these 96 different holiday card tutorials everyone will find a card they love!

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Creating your own unique gift wrap is not as time-consuming as you might think. It's all about letting your creativity shine and infusing personal touches that will surely make the recipient feel extra special. Now, it's time for you to roll up your sleeves and give these ideas a whirl!


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Have fun creating!


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