Inside: the truth about the benefits of online video art classes.


If you have been wanting to do something creative but you don't have the time to take regular classes, then online classes may be just what you are looking for. Online video art classes give you the chance to learn from the experts from the comfort of your own home.



If you have been on the fence about whether or not you should take this route. Here are some of the main reasons why I love to take online art classes.




If you have a busy life it can be difficult for you to get focused on learning the art you want. There are so many distractions, your family life to consider as well as your work life. But when you take a class online it allows you to work around all that:

  • When you take an online art class you will not need to commute and this saves you time. 
  • Many of these classes are on-demand so you can take them on your own time. This means that you do not have to log in and do classes with everyone the traditional way. You'll be able to select a time that is convenient to you and then you can learn at your own pace.
  • When you get distracted you can always rewind and watch the class as many times as you want.




Being able to select the course and trainer that is right for you is one of the benefits of doing online art classes. Many online art programs allow you to select the order of the courses that you want to learn. 


This means that you have a chance to pick or refuse what does not interest you. You will have a bigger chance of honing in on those skills that you are genuinely interested in developing. This will help to make the overall experience much more exciting.





Often you will find that the price of online video art classes is much cheaper than those of traditional classes. The only thing you need to do is buy yout art supplies and make sure that you have a computer that is working properly. 


Remember you will need to take pictures or scan your artwork and you need to make sure that you have enough space on your computer to send those files to your instructors for grading. If you have a PC you can find instructions on how to clean up your hard drive on several online sites. If you have a Mac by Apple you can clean up your hard drive by following the steps in this link. 




Art classes can help you be as creative as possible whenever you can. Creativity is one way in which you can express your emotions and your thoughts. It can't be very therapeutic for you. 


You can also do this on your own time when you take online classes. It makes it less likely that you will find excuses not to take your courses. The ability to select the exact type of art courses you want to learn and do them on demand when you have time, can become a powerful motivator for you to learn as much as you can.





  • The best thing is to do is find online video art classes of artists and crafters you know and admire. They usually have free classes and paid classes.
  • Get recommendations from friends who already participated in art programs.
  • Participate in craft stores online video art classes that you can find on their website.




I offer many art classes in different subject like paper crafts, art journaling, mixed media, mini albums, carmaking and more. All my classes are self paces, on demand classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home and get life long access to.

You can find all my classes here


Here's what people say about my online video art classes


You definitely don't want to miss all this fun do you? Give it a try!

I also have some FREE video tutorials on my YouTube channel that you can check out!


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