Inside: how to cover a binder with fabric and give it a new look     Since I was young I had trouble accepting things as they are. I always tried to change them and it didn’t matter if it was something big or small. I think that is part of why I love altered art so much. It gives me the opportunity to change things and make them my own.     ALTER A BINDER   Binders can be very boring and ordinary. This office item is useful for filing many things and it can be very handy even in the craft room. You can store pattern papers, stamps, die cuts, cut outs and much more. But if you are a creative person like me you wouldn’t want to leave the binder in it’s original look.   Here are some ideas how to alter a binder: Cover it with pattern paper Prime it with gesso and then paint …


  Inside: how to make a Christmas advent calendar to countdown the days until Christmas!   Since I was a kid whenever I had an important event coming up I always made a table with the number of days I had to wait and I crossed off each day counting down the days remaining. It was such a thrill to see fewer and fewer days that needed to be crossed off and that whatever I was waiting for almost here. With the holidays and Christmas fast approaching I imagine many such tables or advent calendars are popping around your homes.     WHAT IS AN ADVENT CALENDAR   Advent is an important part of the Christian calendar. It means ‘coming’ and it’s the period before Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Jesus. It is all about preparing for Christmas Day. An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Since the date of …


  Inside: how to transfer a photo to paper   I cherish all the photos I take but making scrapbooks and mini albums can sometimes be boring. So I try to find new ways to make craft projects with photos or combine them with what I create.     HOW TO TRANSFER A PHOTO   Photo transfers were once a complicated, sometimes hazardous process. Then, technology made it possible for anyone to scan, copy, and print photos from the comfort of their home or studio. Images printed on inkjet printers are much safer to use and easier to transfer. There are many image transfer methods and they differ depending on the surface you’re transferring the image to.   TRANSFER A PHOTO TO PAPER METHODS   There are two methods to transfer an image to paper:   LASER PRINTED PHOTO   TRIM THE PHOTO – you can cut around the photo in a rectangle or square shape or you can fussy …


  Inside: how to make a mixed media canvas with found objects that create amazing texture   I thought a lot about what to give my sister for her birthday. Ironically, in the past I used to buy her gifts, never thinking of making her one myself. This year I decided to change the tradition and create her gift myself! I wanted it to be really special and beautiful so I created a collage mixed media canvas with a photo of us when we were kids. This is her favorite photo of us so I was sure she will like it.     MIXED MEDIA COLLAGE CANVAS MATERIALS   A lot of people ask me where I get the materials to make such type of canvases and how they can get them too. The main principle you need to know is that every object you use on this canvas should have texture. It means that flat objects are less recommended …


  Inside: how to make a steampunk shadow box with a romantic style to it   I think shadow boxes are just magical. They combine two things I love, the first is boxes. I love them, I collect them, I buy them even if I don’t need them. You can put all your treasures, memories and secrets in a box. The second thing is touching. One of the reasons I love traditional scrapbooking and not digital is you can feel the page. You can touch it, go over all the elements with your hand and bond with them. Bond with the story. Shadow boxes are the same because you can touch everything in the box and feel the story.     WHAT MAKES A STEAMPUNK SHADOW BOX UNIQUE   There are many styles of shadow box you can make like you would scrapbook pages, cards or mixed meia canvases. A steampunk shadow box has an industrial mechanical look that is …


  Inside: how to make layers on your art journal page   When I started art journaling I made horrible pages but not because they were not pretty because they were wrong! I know I always say that there is no wrong and right in art journaling and it’s true BUT if you want to make an art journal page with an emphasis on the word art there is a very important thing you need to master – LAYERING. Making layers on your art journal page is the basic and fundamental technique you need to make art journal pages and without it your pages will be in a journal but they won’t be art. Mastering the art of layering can be confusing but we’re going to unravel that mystery together!     WHAT IS LAYERING   Layering is working in layers adding a layers of paint, texture or pattern one on top of the other. The techniques and tools of …


  Inside: how to make a glamorous recycled paper chest of drawers   Everyone has a collection. Some like to collect stamps, others have stamps collection or even movie memorabilia. I love boxes. I have many of them, even though I don’t have many things to put in them. During the years I bought a few, but I also really love making them. It always amazes me how little you need to build a box and how easy it is.       BUILDING A PAPER BOX   Building a paper box is a simple process that usually requires folding and gluing You can make a box in any shape and although it will not hold very heavy items it can be useful and not just decorative.   WHAT TO PUT INSIDE A PAPER BOX   As long as the items are dry and relatively small you can put almost anything inside a paper box. Here are some ideas: Beads …

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