Inside: how to make the tp steampunk mini album pages   WOW!! I got so many amazing responses. Thank you! I’m so happy you liked this mini album as much as I did. Wasn’t it really fun and easy to make? Well…after much anticipation here comes the second part…THE PAGES! We’ll venture into these beautiful pages and learn how to create them one by one! Let’s get started!     TP STEAMPUNK MINI ALBUM PAGES   The TP rolls are perfect for creating pockets so they are perfect as pages in an interactive mini album. To enhance the steampunk look instead of covering the tp rolls with paper or paint I gave them a faux leather look with a fun technique.       This album is full of interactive surprises. Pockets, flaps and more… as well as handmade embellishments that will take your breath away. Some of the work is delicate and requires patience but believe me, it’s …


  Inside: how to make a tp steampunk mini album with pocket pages   Do you ever see an object and think “what can I make out of it”? It happens to me all the time and I think it’s a common crafter’s point of view. For sometime now I keep looking at tp rolls and think what a shame to throw these away… there must be something I can do with them…     TP STEAMPUNK MINI ALBUM   As the title say this recycled project has three elements: Recycling TP rolls and using them for crafts. Making a steampunk project with an industrial look embellishments. Building an interactive mini album with pockets.   TP ROLL CRAFTS   TP roll crafts are very popular for a number of reasons: They are free! There is always a fresh suppy. Tp rolls are flexible on one hand but still thick enough like cardstock. Their color is neutral. It’s easy to paint …


  Inside: what to do with an old dry paint brush and how to easily recycle it to a beautiful art project   The one thing I’m very bad at in regards to crafting is cleaning! I never clean my stencils and I usually forget to clean my brushes. That means I have a lot of old dry paint brushes in my craft room. Even though they are dry and most probably beyond salvage I still can’t throw them away so I come up with ways to recycle them!     HOW TO CLEAN OLD DRY PAINT BRUSH   I you are like me and have old dry paintbrushes there might still be a way to save them: For oil-based paints, varnishes, lacquers – follow the manufacturer’s instructions to select the proper cleaning solvent (mineral spirits or paint thinner for paint and varnish, denatured alcohol for shellac, etc.). Pour the solvent into a container and dip the paint brush into …


  Inside: how to craft your paper scraps and make a clever and fast junk journal   I’m not a hoarder! But I’ll admit I hate throwing away paper scraps, even the small ones. I feel like I’m throwing away an important resource and it just makes me so uncomfortable I simply don’t throw any paper scraps. That created another problem of piles of craft paper piles that need using…     WHAT ARE PAPER SCRAPS   This might sounds like a stupid question but the definition of scraps is a subjective definition. Some will consider a small 2 inches piece like a paper scrap and others will consider it as trash and throw it away. So the first thing you need to do when crafting your paper scraps is to decide how big is your pile and sort through it. Once you do that using your scraps will be much easier!   HOW TO CRAFT YOUR PAPER SCRAPS   …

Mixed Media Art Journal Page: STRONG

Lately life is not easy. We are going through a tough time here when rockets are flying and terrorists want to destroy us. In times like this it’s a little hard to create but I have come to realize I need to force myself to create because it distracts me and helps me with the everyday stress. The best thing to create, while also inspiring yourself is an art journal page with a quite to empower you. This is one of those rare times when I started a project with very little in my head. Meaning, I didn’t know what I wanted to create and I didn’t have a picture in my head like I usually do. I knew what colors I wanted ad that was about it. From there I just started to create, using my favorite mediums and supplies, basically trying to have fun. working with so many bright colors and an inspirational quote was very liberating and …

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