My Graphic 45 October Projects

My Graphic 45 October Projects are here! This month I surprised myself a little because one of the projects I created is not really my style. The other project is totally up my alley but not so much. Confused? So am I… this was a great month in terms of projects because I managed to step outside my comfort zone and that’s always a good thing!  My Graphic 45 October Projects   The first project we had to do was a pop-up project. Just the project for me right? I love making pop-up projects. I actually think they got the idea to make projects with a pop-up element from one of my DT submission projects: the pop-up book. Anyway, I wanted to create something easy that everyone can do. Sometimes when people hear pop-up they immediately think it’s too complicated for them so I wanted to change that. So I created a pop-up card. Here’s where the comfort zone comes in. I usually …

Stamp Carving Tutorial

Remember the Carving Your Own Stamps post? Now it’s time to for the full step by step Stamp Carving Tutorial. If you’re still in doubt I suggest reading the first post on stamp carving. If that will not convince you to give it a try then nothing will. It’s affordable, easy and the possibilities are endless.    Stamp Carving TutorialThe first step is to decide what kind of stamp you want. There are two options: draw your own design or transfer a printed design. ***A very important thing to remember about printed images. If you print an image from the internet it probably has copyrights. That means the design rights belong to someone and you can’t do anything without their permission. The rule of thumb is that as long as you use the image for personal use like creating a birthday card for your mom it’s ok. However you can’t sell the stamp or a design you made with the stamp and …


  Inside: how to make a Halloween mini album with hidden pockets, surprising flaps and other interactive spooky elements.   I think that interactive mini albums are great but they are especially great for Halloween. Making an interactive mini album filled with pockets, hidden flaps and inserts is exactly like making a witch’s spell book that every page is a new surprise. This mini album is full of spooky moving additions and you can make it too just follow the video tutorial   HALLOWEEN MINI ALBUM   Making holiday mini albums is a long and grand scrapbook tradition. When there is so much designed and specialty papers and embellishments available it is almost impossible to resist making a mini album for evey holiday. It is even more fitting when it comes to Halloween so here’s why I think making a Halloween mini album is a must: There are many great looking photos of kids in costumes that are just perfect …

START Art Journal Page

Today I’m sharing my START Art Journal Page. We’ve just celebrated the Jewish New Year and according to tradition the circle has a special meaning on that day. A circle is a perfect shape much like the perfect year we all wish ourselves. That is also why circle foods like apples, pomegranate and a circle bread are apart of the holiday meal. This art journal page is all about starting a new perfect year!  START Art Journal PageI started with cutting pattern paper scraps into circles and arranging them to see where each circle would go. Then I put them aside. I painted the entire page with a metallic gold acrylic paint. Once the paint was dry I attached the circles.  Then I made a 3D frame to each circle with a Pearl Pen by Viva. This is a special pen that comes in different colors and you can draw 3D lines with it. Once it was dry I painted the frames …

Halloween, The Skeleton, and The Wardrobe

Do you know the movie: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? I just love this movie. The entire vibe of the magic, the monsters and of course the witch reminds me of Halloween. So when I thought of a name for this project I immediately thought of: Halloween, The Skeleton, and The Wardrobe (even though it’s technically a closet and not a wardrobe). This Halloween project is so much fun. This magical wardrobe is filled with potion books, bottles and all things witchcraft and it’s all made from paper!  Halloween, The Skeleton, and The WardrobeThe wardrobe is made of black foam board and has a sliding door that opens and reveals all the goodies inside. Of course it can fit lots of embellishments and mini books with photos. I made two but the shelves are large enough to fit many photo mini albums for years to come.I used the amazing Graphic 45 rare Oddities collection. It has such spooky images …

Scrapbooking Tips: Creative Title

Today we continue our series on scrapbooking inspiration. Today’s episode: Scrapbooking Tips: Creative Title. A title is an important ingredient on a layout and can add a unique look to the entire page. A creative title will always boost up your page and add extra interest to it.  Scrapbooking Tips: Creative TitleI always try to come up with new ideas for titles. It’s not just the content that matters it’s also the shape and design of the title. One of the main ways I use to create interesting titles is to match the title to the design. This layout is all about the passage of time and how it moves quickly. The paper has clocks on the background so I created a title that echos that theme.  I used the word TIME that was already printed on the paper as the first part of the title. Then I added the word FLIES created from some clock parts like black clock hands, a …

Black Pen Art Journal Page

What do you do when you want to create an art journal page but only have a black pen? Black Pen Art Journal Page! I was out of the house and found my art journal in my purse. Apparently I forgot it there after a creative get together with some friends. So here I was with some time on my hands and only a black pen to work with. So I challenged myself to create a Black Pen Art Journal Page.  Black Pen Art Journal PageIt wasn’t easy to imagine a page with out any color or mediums. Every idea I had for an art journal page ended up with gesso, paints or something like that. But I didn’t have any of those. Only a black pen. So I decided to draw my two favorite things: the sea and the rain. And this is what I came up with.I couldn’t resist adding some color so once I got home I added …

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