Inside: how to make a mixed media canvas with an empty chipboard sheet   What do you do with your empty chipboard sheet after you take out all the shapes? You are left with a sheet full of holes in all kinds of shapes right? Did you know you can use it to make a mixed media canvas?       WHY USE AN EMPTY CHIPBOARD SHEET AS AN ART MATERIAL   Other than the fact that using the empty chipboard sheet is utterly cool, here are few more reasons why it’s a good idea:   You save money – instead of buying supplies to make a mixed media canvas you use what you already have Recycle and reuse – being a caring artist is important and we all do what we can to minimize the amount of trash we throw It’s creative – using an unusual material in a project forces you to be creative and think about …


  inside: best 3 tools to write text on mixed media projects   I made a beautiful canvas with lots of paint layers, stenciling and stamping. Then I added exture with modeling paste and some more stenciling. I wanted to finish the project with a cool quote but I couldn’t get it on the project. I ruined 3 pens and still couldn’t get my text on the project! Have you wvwe had this problem? I have 3 great ideas how to solve it!     WHY WRITING TEXT ON MIXED MEDIA PROJECT IS A PROBLEM   One of the most popular questions or problems people have when they create mixed media projects is how to write text on their project. When you use acrylic paints, gesso and other mediums on a project most of the pens will not work on these surfaces and you have a problem of writing something. This happens because: The surface isn’t COMPLETELY dry – and …

Paper Fall Wreath Tutorial

Hi dear crafty friends! Fall is on its way, finally, and I want to share with you a Paper Fall Wreath Tutorial. This project will look really beautiful on your wall, the front door or any other place you’ll want to hang it. This fall wreath is so easy to make you will not believe it!   Paper Fall Wreath Tutorial I’m a winter person, so I’m really happy when fall arrives because it means that winter is not far behind. Here we don’t have the tradition of decorating the front door with a wreath on any occasion. But I decided to decorate my studio door with this wreath so I’ll have a constant reminder that my favorite season is around the corner. Let’s get started… 1.  Cut chipboard into a circle. Decide the size of circle to match your hanging location. The circle doesn’t have to be very accurate. 2. Punch 3 flowers. 3. Cut flowers according to photo: 1) (left) …

Scrapbooking Tips: Using Interactive Elements

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m sharing another of my Scrapbooking Tips: Using Interactive Elements. I get asked a lot how to add interactive elements to a scrapbooking layout especially with the page protector getting in the way. It’s actually much easier than you think if you cheat a little.     Scrapbooking Tips: Using Interactive Elements The idea behind interactive elements is that there are moving parts on your page. Something on the page can be opened, turned or moved in any way. That adds interest, sophistication and fun to the page. It works great on mini album pages but when you want to add it to a 12×12 layout you have a problem with the page protector. There are two ways to solve this problem. The first,which I like less and is more tricky is to cut the page protector and allow the moving part to be on the outside. For example if you have a flap gently …

How to Create a Gelli® Printed Tissue Paper Background

Hi dear crafty friends! Do you love making your own custom supplies? Today I’m sharing How to Create a Gelli® Printed Tissue Paper Background. If you haven’t tried Gelli printing yet I really recommend it. It’s fun and creative and you can’t go wrong because every print you make is pretty and unique.     How to Create a Gelli® Printed Tissue Paper Background Usually Gelli printing or mono printing is done on a thick watercolor paper or cardstock but printing on tissue paper is amazing! Why? because it gives you a unique effect you can’t get with any other material. I’m using tissue paper that I bought at my local craft store. You can also use the tissue paper you find in shoe boxes too, it’s basically the same. I like to cut my tissue paper into squares and just have fun with the Gelli plate, some acrylic paints and stamps. Make sure to be careful when you remove …


  Inside: how to make DIY scrapbook lace paper with custom pattern   I love to challenge myself to use my paper scraps. I have a lot of them because I can never bring myself to throw away even the smallest pieces of paper because it seems like a waste. But then I have to find way to use those piles of small paper pieces.     WHAT IS LACE PAPER   Lace paper is a type of paper used in scrapbooking and card making that has the look of lace with a holes pattern. These types of papers don’t just have a lace pattern but they can have all kinds of patterns with gaps in between the shapes.   DIY LACE PAPERS   If you want to use your dies in a different way then try creating a 12×12 lace paper with them. To do that you’ll need some dies in bulky shapes like flowers for example. It will …

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