Inside: how to make an easy combination of an easel and stair step card   I don’t like the words can’t or impossible so when I have a situation that seems impossible I always try to find a way to solve it or go around it. This is what happened when I wanted to make two cards I like in one. I found a way to combine an Easel card and a Stair Step Card.       HOW TO MAKE AN EASEL CARD   An easel card is a really fun card that is flat when inside he envelope but when opened stands up in a triangle shape. There are many versions of this card and here are a few you can make: Triple easel card Twisted easel card   HOW TO MAKE A STEP CARD   A step card is also a 3D card when its full effect is visible when it’s opened. This card has folds …


  Inside: super easy way to make a paper hexagon box complete with step by step photos.   You already know I love boxes. I don’t just like them, I’m kind of obsessed with them. So much so I hardly ever throw a box away and not only do I have A LOT of empty boxes I also keep making them!     WHY MAKE YOUR OWN PAPER BOXES   Boxes are a great way to keep things organized in every room in your house especially in your craft room. When you make your own paper boxes you can decide their size, color and structure. It’s a great way to be creative but also make useful craft projects. Paper boxes are perfect for DIY gifts and/ or gift wraps.   DIY PAPER BOX WITH A UNIQUE SHAPE   When we think about making boxes we usually think about a square or rectangle shaped boxes. However you can make boxes with …

Scrapbooking Tips: Creating Wet Layouts

Hi dear crafty friends! Today on Scrapbooking Tips: Creating Wet Layouts. It’s summer outside and on the northern hemisphere it’s HOT! One of the best things to do on a hot day is spend it in the water.Today I want to share some ideas for layouts telling the stories of those “wet” fun days!     Scrapbooking Tips: Creating Wet Layouts Sea colors backgrounds Create a page with ocean colors that blend together with the photo. That will immediately give your page the right atmosphere and mood. It can be a pattern with waves, a paper with blue and green colors or even a white cardstock that you can paint or spray yourself to match the colors of the photo.     Add “wet” embellishments Add “wet” motifs to your page like: sea shells, waves, lighthouse or palm trees. Anything that relates to the beach, the ocean or the swimming pool will complete the look of your page. You can …

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