Combination Easel and Stair Step Card Tutorial with Einat

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you a fun Combination Easel and Stair Step Card Tutorial. It’s easy to make and you can use any papers you want but the important thing to notice is not to use bulky embellishments. If you want to put it in an envelope you need to make sure it will fold. So use thin chipboards, cut out images or stickers to embellish the card.     Combination Easel and Stair Step Card Tutorial Start with a 5 1/4″ x 12″ piece of double sided cardstock. I used the Lavender garden papers by Craft & You. I’m not usually a purple fan but I said the same thing about yellow and changed my mind. So I decided to use all the colors of the rainbow even if I think I don’t like it. Usually I love how the project turns out! Score the cardstock at 1 1/4″, 2 1/2″, 4 1/4″, …

Hexagon Box Tutorial

Hi dear crafty friends! The boxes just keep on coming! Today I want to share a Hexagon Box Tutorial I created for Studio 75 with the beautiful Violet Love paper collection. Their paper is perfect for creating boxes because it’s heavy enough to carry the weight.     Hexagon Box Tutorial Start with two pieces of 12×6 double sided cardstock. Score them horizontally at 3, 6 and 9. Turn the paper and score vertically at 5.     Cut on the four score lines until the horizontal score line to create tabs.     Fold all the score lines. Apply glue on one of the squares on the edge of the paper.     Attach the two pieces of paper by overlapping the two edge squares.     Repeat on the other side to create the box.     Place the box on a 12×12 paper and trace the hexagon shape with a pencil. Cut it out.     Apply …

Wall of Inspiration: My Canvases Collection

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you an ongoing project of mine – Wall of Inspiration: My Canvases Collection. During the past few years I’ve been creating little canvases for my inspiration wall. This wall in my craft room, above my desk is basically an inspiration source for me. When I’m stuck I look up and I always get an idea.     Wall of Inspiration: My Canvases Collection As it so happens I have a tutorial for each of these small canvases! Here’s the complete list: Herringbone Pattern Canvas This canvas has an interesting herringbone pattern and a contrast of colors versus white blocks of paint. I wanted to try this pattern for a long time and finally found the opportunity to do it. Mixed Media Canvas – Grow in this new small canvas for my wall of inspiration I tries a new technique with hot glue. Abstract Painting “Abstract painting does not depict a …

Scrapbooking Tips: Creating Wet Layouts

Hi dear crafty friends! Today on Scrapbooking Tips: Creating Wet Layouts. It’s summer outside and on the northern hemisphere it’s HOT! One of the best things to do on a hot day is spend it in the water.Today I want to share some ideas for layouts telling the stories of those “wet” fun days!     Scrapbooking Tips: Creating Wet Layouts Sea colors backgrounds Create a page with ocean colors that blend together with the photo. That will immediately give your page the right atmosphere and mood. It can be a pattern with waves, a paper with blue and green colors or even a white cardstock that you can paint or spray yourself to match the colors of the photo.     Add “wet” embellishments Add “wet” motifs to your page like: sea shells, waves, lighthouse or palm trees. Anything that relates to the beach, the ocean or the swimming pool will complete the look of your page. You can …

NEW!! Free online class: Watercolor Art Journaling

Hi dear crafty friends! I’m so honored and excited to announce my NEW!! Free online class: Watercolor Art Journaling with Big Picture Classes. This class is all about how to use watercolors on your art journal pages!     NEW!! Free online class: Watercolor Art Journaling Watercolors can add movement, color, and a unique look to your art journal pages. But you don’t need to be an expert to achieve these results! In Watercolor Art Journaling, I will share how easy it is to start adding beautiful and colorful elements to your art journals with watercolors. Start by creating backgrounds and adding artistic details and embellishments to your pages. Then combine watercolors with other materials for one-of-a-kind effects. You’ll finish out this class with a look at watercolor-like materials that react in the same way as watercolors. You’ll unlock a world of possibilities with this fun, new medium!     If you’re worried that for this class you might need some …

The 3 Essentials for a Steampunk Project

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you what I think are The 3 Essentials for a Steampunk Project. I get a lot of questions about steampunk especially questions that relate to how to achieve that steampunk look.     The 3 Essentials for a Steampunk Project A steampunk project doesn’t need to have lots of techniques or fancy materials. You could add them if you want but it’s not necessary. There are  only three essentials you really need to achieve that steampunk look: 1. The right color A steampunk look is achieved by using industrial and metallic colors like brown, bronze, gold, black and all their combinations. Other colors that can be used are the colors of rust and oxidization.       2. Theme Focal Point Every project needs a focal point. It can be a photo of a person or an image but the most important thing is that the focal point will be …

Travel Memories Envelope Mini Album

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you my Travel Memories Envelope Mini Album. I just realized I never shared it with you even though I made it almost two years ago. It was safely stored in my Etsy box where I keep all my items for sale. I went through it and found it there… waiting to be shared with the world.     Travel Memories Envelope Mini Album Paper bag mini albums were a big hit a while back and I still think they are really fun to make. The main reason is because the paper bag is doing half the work! You have a page and a pocket all made up and all you need to do is bind the paper bags and decorate the pages with pattern papers and embellishments.       What I really love about mini albums like this is that they look small but they can fit lots of …

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