Steampunk Altered Box Tutorial

Hi dear crafty friends!How long can I go without creating a steampunk project? Apparently not long! Today I’m sharing my Steampunk Altered Box Tutorial. I’m surprised how versatile steampunk can be because it seems like all steampunk projects are the same but I always find new ways and embellishments to add so each project will look different.  Steampunk Altered Box TutorialOne important principle of creating a steampunk project in the way I do it is to cover the surface you’re working on with black gesso. Since you’re going to have a dark color scheme the best background will be black and not white.  After the box is dry I like to add texture with modeling paste and stencils. Then I arrange all the embellishments on the box. Try to give the elements height by adding pieces of chipboard. If all the elements are at the same height your project will look a little flat and you don’t want that.   I think you know …

Butterfly Mixed Media Canvas

Today I want to share with you how to create a Butterfly Mixed Media Canvas. I get asked a lot about how I create these canvases and how I get that crisp rusty look. Well, today I want to share with you some of the products I use to achieve this look and how exactly to create it.  Butterfly Mixed Media CanvasOne of the most important steps in creating a canvas like this is to layer the embellishments and create a 3D look. So I started with a layer of chipboard empty squares and added the butterfly on top. The butterfly is the focal point of the canvas so I made sure to create a raised surface from little chipboard squares so The butterfly would be raised above all the other embellishments.  The next step was to add all the embellishments around the canvas. When I create a canvas like this I use all kinds of embellishments, some of them with more …

Happy Steampunk Canvas

It’s been a little while since I’ve created a steampunk project. Today i’m sharing my Happy Steampunk Canvas I created with a circle wooden frame, fabric and some chipboard. I also added a few metal pieces to complete the steampunk look. The process of creating the texture on the canvas is the interesting part that i want to share with you.  Happy Steampunk CanvasFirst i sealed the fabric with  layer of gesso. Then I added a layer of texture with modeling paste and stencil.  The next step was to spray the canvas to add a little color. Then I arranged all the chipboard pieces on the canvas. Once I knew where I wanted them to be I took a photo with my phone so I will not forget how I arranged them. Finally I painted all the pieces with black acrylic paint.  When the pieces were dry I glued them on the canvas. Now come the fun part of adding the texture and metal …

Steampunk Mixed Media Canvas

last week I had an amazing morning with some creative friends. We all created canvases and mine was a steampunk mixed media canvas, of course. You all know how much I love steampunk and metal so it was obvious my canvas will go that way. I didn’t make a video of the process but I did remember to take some photos to share with you so you can create one too.  Steampunk Mixed Media CanvasFirst you need a canvas. Any size will do. I created a reverse canvas which means I didn’t work on the front but I turned it and worked on it like I would on a shadow box. I picked the main metal pieces that I wanted to add and build the canvas around.  The next step was to cover the staples and create an even edge with modeling paste. I used a palette knife to apply a thick layer of modeling paste. Since it takes a long time …

Steampunk Hot-Air Balloon

The steampunk queen strikes again! FYI I didn’t give myself this title…you did, or at least some of you Lol! I sure love steampunk and I’m happy to share with you another project. This one looks difficult but it’s much easier than you think! It’s because of all the tricks I’m using here to create faux metal and keep everything light weight. I started with a plastic ball I got at the craft store, you can use an ornament or even a glass ball, although you will need to be a little bit more carefull with that. I covered the ball with pieces of gold Duck Tape and then painted it with black acrylic paint. I waited for about half a minute and then wiped the paint with a paper towel, creating a really pretty effect of blackened metal. I added faux leather stripes with faux rivets and steampunk embellishments, including a propeller. I used an old cardboard box as …


  Inside: how to make a festive steampunk Christmas tree canvas to decorate your home   If you’re a steampunk fan then you would love this steampunk project. How to make a steampunk Christmas tree canvas to decorate your walls or as a special gift. All you need to “steampunk” your tree is to make it out of metal and industrial looking embellishments.       THE BASICS OF A STEAMPUNK CANVAS   Making a steampunk project requires a few basics: Making the right background for the canvas: the background needs to complement the steampunk look so it can be with industrial colors, pattern or image. If you use a pattern paper with pink flowers for such a canvas it will not complement your canvas. Paint or add the right colors: the best colors for a steampunk project are the colors of metals, rust and oxidation or corrosion. Using the right elements: you can make a steampunk canvas with any …


  Inside: how to make a DIY paper bookmark with a magnet   When I was about 8 or 9 years old I used to read a lot of books, so many that I had a special position in the library. I was selected to be a special helper to the librarian and as part of my job I arranged books on shelves and mended torn books with masking tape – I guess I had good hands even back then 🙂 That job made me feel so important and accomplished and I think it was one of the most positive experiences I had as a child. Today I don’t read so much but books have a special place in my hearts. I could never read a book on Kindle or on the computer and if I do read a book its always a hard copy.       If there is one thing I hate is that people mark their …

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