What's in The Box Giveaway!

I had a birthday in April and my dad gave me a blank check. Seriously! It’s a tradition that we have. He gives me a blank check and says: “it will come out of your inheritance” Being the good daughter that I am I have never abused that and I always buy something for myself that is not too expensive. This time I decided to treat myself to some craft supplies. So it took awhile for the stuff to get to me, because I had someone bring it to me instead of sending it in the mail. The box is filled with all kinds of goodies and I want you to guess what’s in there! Here are a few things to consider:* Think about what I love to create (you can check my blogs posts and my YouTube channel)* Think about the materials I love to use* Think about what can fit in a medium flat rate box* Think about …

Wall of Inspiration: Mixed Media Canvas – Grow

Experimenting is one of the best things in mixed media. It’s fun to try new materials, new techniques and new combinations. in this new small canvaS for my wall of inspiration I tries a new technique with hot  glue. Yes…that hot glue that you use for gluing things down. Apparently it can be a really great material to add texture to a canvas or an art journal page. I used some aquarelle pencils and gelatos to add layers of color to my canvas. I added lots of texture with modeling paste and the hot glue art I created. I used a low temp hot glue gun which was much easier on my fingers. I don’t know why but I always manage to get my fingers burned when I’m using a hot glue gun, so this one was great. This is a great technique to try on an art journal page too, but remember to gesso your page first. And make …

4th of July Party Decoration with Ann Butler

4th of July is almost here and you’re probably planning a BBQ, a picnic or a party. Instead of buying expensive decoration why not use papers and stencils to create everything you need to decorate your festivities! I used Ann Butler’s Stars Art Screen to create a white stars’ pattern on red and blue papers. I used a white Posca pen, but you can also use white acrylic paint or modeling paste. To create a blue or red pattern on white paper the best thing to use are acrylic paints. Once your pattern is ready you can create all your decorations. Here are just a few samples and ideas. You can find many more ideas online. I creates a banner, cupcake toppers, bottle or glass wrapper, mini flags, a rosette and tags. You can customize any decoration by making it larger or smaller, use different papers and create different patterns with the same stencil. This is also a great activity …

Ready, Get set, De-stash! Paper Embellishments Tutorial

As you probably already know my resolution for this year is to use my stash and try not to buy so much supplies. it’s already the middle of the year and i don’t think I’ve done that enough. So today we’re DE-STASHING!We all have scraps of paper that are cut, have holes in them, are either too big or too small. We don’t throw them away because we are sure we’re going to use them. Well…today is the day! Take out all your scraps and join me! First pick out papers that are in the same style and/or colors. I wanted a steampunk look so I’ve used brown, dark colors with script and numbers patterns. Cut or punch shapes like circles, squares, stars, hearts or any other shape you want. I limited myself to 2″ to 3″ size but you can cut larger shapes. Then cut or punch smaller shapes from the papers and even cut out patterns. i cut …

3,2,1 Recipe – Mixed Media Layout

I was So happy you liked the last video in this series and even happier that you asked me to do more! So here’s another recipe for a mixed media layout using 3 ingredients:3 Techniques for adding paper flowers on a layout2 Stencils1 Acrylic medium The purpose of these layouts is to show that you don;t have to use a lot of materials or fancy embellishments to create a beautiful layout. Sometimes we lose sight of what’s important and that is NOT the embellishments it is the photo, the story we’re telling! Everything around it is there to support the photo and the story. After all that’s why we’re scrappin’ right? 3 TechniquesThese are not new techniques, but it’s a good reminder to how paper is versatile and how much you can create from it. Of course there are more techniques out there, but I think these are the easiest and fastest. 2 StencilsStencils are a great way to add …

Making a Family History Book Part 5

Welcome to the final part of the series. I can now update you that the heritage book I created won first place! So I guess they liked my ideas for an interesting original design…I hope you do to. I have a few more ideas to share… Make it Your Own Sometimes you have an idea but you don’t have the right supplies. I wanted to create doors, as an interactive mechanism to present the text in this page. However, I’ve already used a mechanism like that on another page so I didn’t want to repeat myself. I decided to use a paper that looks like a door and not just two paper flaps. The problem was I didn’t have the right size of paper. the solution was to scan the pattern into my computer and enlarge it to the size I need. Then I added them to my layout and inserted the text under them.     Layering One of the …

Father's Day Roundup

Father’s Day is just around the corner so I’ve found a few cool ideas for gifts and cards to make all of your daddies happy! For this gift you only need two things: a large mug and a black Sharpie pen. Write whatever you want on a mug and you have a personalized useful gift. You know your dad the best so you can come up with just the right think to write: a quote, something funny or even draw if you know how. This is a great idea even for those dads who don’t where ties. I also like this idea because it can be personalized according to whatever your dadlikes. You can put anything inside the goodie bag!Here’s how to create it. Continuing with the tie theme her’s a really cute idea for a card. Here’s a card I created using sand paper of different rades and some nails. You can find a full tutorial here. A yummy …

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