12 Cards of Christmas – Z Fold

This series is so much fun and it’s almost ending. Today on 12 Cards of Christmas – Z Fold. This is another fast and easy card that has a great effect. I love those cards you can display on the mantel or a shelf. The 3D cards are not only the best for displaying they are the best to make. At least I think they are.  12 Cards of Christmas – Z FoldMake sure to use a double sided cardstock for this card because both sides of it will be seen. You will not be able to use a regular card because this card’s initial measurements require a 12×12 cardstock and for you to cut the card from scratch. It’s much easier than you think! Just follow the step by step video to find out how to create it. You’ll be surprised how easy and fast it is. If you want a smaller card cut a smaller piece of cardstock. This …

12 Cards of Christmas – Holiday Santa

We have made it halfway in the Christmas card special series. Today’s inspiration on the 12 Cards of Christmas – Holiday Santa. This is the easiest and fastest card I ever made! It takes less than five minutes! However even though it’s fast it still says Christmas in every way. You only need three ingredients for this card, so let’s get started!  12 Cards of Christmas – Holiday SantaFor this card you will only need a red card, scraps of white and black papers and white buttons. A few years back when my grandmother died, my dad went over her things and brought me a huge pile of little boxes filled with buttons. My Grandma was a really good sewer and kept her buttons color sorted in boxes. I still have her buttons and I love using them in projects. I always smile when I use them and I’m sure she smiles too.So this card has a special meaning for me …


  Inside: how to make a simple tree paper piecing card   I’m terrible at math but even I know that according to Aristotle, a philosopher in Ancient Greece, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Apparently it doesn’t only works in math or life it also works in crafts. In the crafts case a few simple paper pieces can create something truly pretty.     WHAT IS PAPER PIECING   Paper-piecing is a fun way to add texture, interest and patterns to your design. It’s a great alternative to coloring stamped images and a fabulous way to use any scraps of paper that are just too good to throw away!   THE BASICS OF PAPER PIECING   Paper is usually a technique made with stamps and cut out paper pieces. However it can also be created just from pieces of paper to assemble a pattern or an image without the base of a stamped image. Consider …

12 Cards of Christmas – Accordion Tree

We are already on day 5 on the special Christmas card series. Today a tutorial for another easy card: 12 Cards of Christmas – Accordion Tree. Just a few accordion folds can make such an amazing effect.  12 Cards of Christmas – Accordion TreeThis card is also a type of pop up card. I think pop up cards are the most fun to create and to receive. This card might be a little thick but it can still fit nicely into an envelope if you need to send it in the mail. In the video I show you the technique on hoe to create this accordion tree but I didn’t add anything on the outside. You can embellish that part anyway you want!  Don’t forget there’s a giveaway!In order to win a collection of 24 Christmas cards you’ll need to:LIKE my FB pageLeave a comment telling me what is your favorite thing about ChristmasShare!! Your friends will not want to miss this launch too.The …


  Inside: how to make a pop up slider card the easy way!   When you have been crafting for a long time like I am you love learning new things that challenge you and excite you. Lately I’ve been exploring paper engineering and pop-up in particular. It is so much fun to create these pop up cards and projects and see people’s reaction to them.   If you stick around I’ll teach you how to make an easy pop up slider card that people will love to receive!     POP UP SLIDER CARD   By making a few simple cuts into a piece of card, you can create a tab (or multiple tabs) that you push forward and decorate, or you can make it 3D and stick a cutout image to it. Not only is it fun, it’s easy, too.   To make this card you will need to be accurate with your measuring and cutting. Otherwise the …


  Inside: how to make an easy Christmas spinner card   3D cards are a great way not only to surprise your family and friends with amazing and unique holiday cards but to get into the holiday spirit by displaying them. One of these cards is a spinner card.   WHAT IS A SPINNER CARD   Spinner cards are fun, interactive cards that cause an image to spin quickly when the card is opened. They come in different designs and shapes but there is always a twisting element in the center.   SPINNER CARD TUTORIAL     Start with making the four panels that assemble the card. I used a base paper and a cover paper to create a contrast but you can use just one piece of paper for each panel. Next you’ll need to cut out a circle from the center of each panel. You can find more information about how to cut circles here. Attach a twine …


  Inside: how to make a folded Christmas tree card   Adding a Christmas tree to your Christmas card is a classic way to make handmade holiday cards and the best way to do that is to make a folded tree Christmas card.       HOW TO FOLD A PAPER TREE   There are many techniques and ways to make folded paper Christmas trees in a 2D and 3D looks. I’m going to show you how you can do it in just 5 minutes! The idea is to use half a circle as the base shape to fold the tree.   HOW TO CUT A CIRCLE   In order to use half a circle you need to cut a full circle first. You can cut a circle with: A circle cutting system Use calipers to draw a circle and then cut it Trace a plate or a large circle and cut it   Here are some circle cutting systems …

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