Inside: how to make fancy fold cards for any occasion or holiday   It always amazes me how versatile paper is. I look at it like cooking, because when you cook you can use the same ingredients in so many different recipes and paper is the same. You can use the same paper to make so many different cards just by folding it differently. So here are two fancy fold cards I “cooked”…       FANCY FOLD CARDS   It’s easy enough to make a card that opens like a book, and those cards are beautiful too, but you can take your cards to the next level. Add a unique structure to a card with a few folds. There are so many different ways you can fold a paper to create a card. Here are a few ideas: Easy Never ending card One paper – three cards Stair step card   SQUASH CARD       This card …

Merry Christmas Snowy Home Decor Sign

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you a new project: Merry Christmas Snowy Home Decor Sign. The sign has a very wintery feel to it and it’s full of texture and “snow”. It’s the perfect piece to hang in your house or make as a gift to someone special.     This sign was inspired by the color challenge at Words and Paintery blog.     Merry Christmas Snowy Home Decor Sign First I covered a wooden sign with white gesso. The gesso is required not only to seal the wood, which is a porous surface, but also to give the entire sign a white color. Then I added texture. For the texture I used a grainy modeling paste which is completely white. I added it on the bottom and the top of the sign to add the look of snow.       The next step was to add the trees, which I created by …


  Inside: how to use die cut shapes in handmade Christmas cards   Unlike other crafters I love fussy cutting. But even I sometimes to using die cut shapes either becuae I don’t feel like fussy cutting or I simply don’t have the shape I need to cut. So after establishing the fact that I’m also human… (one lady once told me that my fussy cutting abilities are inhuman). I can share with you how I used the die cut shapes on these Christmas cards.     WHAT IS DIE CUTTING   Die cutting is a broad term, but in crafting, the act of die cutting is the process of using a machine to mass-produce cut-out shapes. Die cutting machines or card making machines are machines that cut shapes out of paper, chipboard (like cardboard but thicker and more dense), fabric and other materials. In die cutting, dies are metal-shaped objects with a raised, sharp area for cutting. They are …


  Inside: how to make two easy pop up cards   I love surprises of any kind even if I’m the one making them and pop up cards are exactly that. These type of cards is my favorite because thay always have a surprise in them and they are fun to receive as much as make them.     HOW TO MAKE POP UP CARDS   Pop up cards are not just for kids. There are many pop card designs that usually seem really difficult to make but usually they are easier than you think. All you need are a few basic steps to make the basic pop up card:   Fold a piece of double sided cardstock in half. Cut slits at the center of your card. With the folded side facing you, cut two slits. The paper between each of the cuts will form a tab that you’ll secure your pop up art to. Tabs can be wide …

Interactive Extravaganza Mini Album. Graphic 45 DT.

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m sharing a new project Interactive Extravaganza Mini Album. Graphic 45 DT. This mini album took a long time to create but it was so worth the effort. It’s full of interactive flaps, pockets and inserts you might think it’s complicated to create but it’s not. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!   Interactive Extravaganza Mini Album. Graphic 45 DT. I started with the Rectangle tag and pocket mini album which is wonderful because it comes with a few interactive surprises. All its pages are full side pocket pages and there are also pockets on the front of some of the pages. So half of the work is already done right? All you need is to cover the pages with papers and you are ready to add photos. However if you’re like me covering the pages with photos might not be enough. You, like me, might want to add even more interactive mechanisms to …

Scrapbooking Tips: the Secret to Layering

Hi dear crafty friends! It’s time for another tip that will help you make your layouts better. Today on Scrapbooking Tips: the Secret to Layering. One of the most important elements of a beautiful layout, other than the photo, is the layers. Here’s how to achieve detailed and great looking layers…     Scrapbooking Tips: the Secret to Layering Constructing a good layout is all about the embellishments and details. But that is not enough! They need to be placed on the layout in a way that they compliment and enhance the photo and not just sit around it “floating”. The way to do that is by layering the embellishments and creating clusters around the photo. Not only the embellishments are layered. In this layout you can see that the first layer on the page is paint. Then on top of it there are several layers of stamping. Layering stamping is easy when you use different size of stamps. Another …

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