Inside: top 10 tips on fussy cutting like a pro and make your own DIY embellishments   When I go to workshops people always talk to me about the patience I have for fussy cutting. “How can you sit for so long and cut these small images” they ask… “I don’t have the patience for that!” I admit fussy cutting might not be for everyone, because it is time consuming and requires patience and you also need good vision so you’ll be able to see all the details of the image you want to cut. But if you do want to try it here are a few tips that will help your fussy cutting look professional. WHAT IS FUSSY CUTTING Fussy cutting is a popular scrapbooking technique and also a popular quilting technique. Fussy cutting is when you use scissors or craft knife to cut out an image, design or art from a pattern paper or fabric. Fussy …


Inside: craft cutting tools tips and recommendations   I was recently asked about what paper cutting tools I use. I wanted to answer right away, but then I realized the answer is not as clear as I thought it was. There are different ways to achieve the same result and each crafter has its own preferences and tools.     GENERAL PAPER CUTTING TOOLS   When you are faced with a task of cutting a piece of paper you basically have two options: A craft knife or scissors right? Wrong! Because you have different kinds of knives and scissors and trimmers and cutters and the list is almost endless. So How do you know what to use for what? HOW TO MAKE A STRAIGHT CUT   The best way to cut a straight line is to use a trimmer. It is fast, accurate and easy. I use it whenever I need to cut squares of paper, like a 12×12 page …


  Inside: four easy ideas on how to use bad photos on your scrapbook pages   In the digital age we’re not afraid to take pictures and photograph things because we can always delete them! But I still have old developed photos which are not so successful to say the least and it really bother me that I can’t do anything with them. When I say unsuccessful I mean blurry photos but mostly un scrapable photos. Those photos which don’t tell any story, which have unwanted people in the background or not so nice facial expressions. The photos where somebody else took for me and I wish I didn’t ask because they are too close or too far or not what I wanted…you get the picture.     WHAT ARE BAD PHOTOS?   Bad photos are all those photos that are unusable both objectively and subjectively. So these photos may be unusable in your eyes but they can also be …


  Inside: smart ways to use all your old cards from the holidays. Instead of throwing them away reuse and re-purpose them !   This time of year we all have many cards around the house. On one hand I always feel really bad throwing them away because people took the time to pick them, write something and then send them but on the other hand I don’t really want to keep them because it’s just a card with a few words like I get every year and if I keep them all I’ll need another room… Lol So I started thinking if keeping them or throwing them were my two only options… apparently not!     WAYS TO USE OLD CARDS   KEEP THEM   Keep cards from special events like a wedding or Bar-Mitzva as a piece of family history to show your children or grandchildren. Don’t keep all of them just the ones with special design, words …


  Inside: 10 reasons you’ll want to make mini albums for your photos   When I discovered mini albums a few years back I thought I discovered a treasure! I thought it was a genius solution for many of the issues I had with the large 12×12 scrapbook pages. I have to admit that since then I hardly made any layouts and I’m completely in love with the mini album concept. However I often get asked what’s the point? Why make mini albums instead of the traditional 12×12 pages? What are the benefits… why should I make them?       WHY MAKE MINI ALBUMS   MANAGEABLE PROJECT   For some people, especially me, the thought of starting a big 12X12 scrapbook is just too overwhelming and time consuming. Just the thought of starting a large page, think about how to fit all these photos to one or two pages really discourages me from even starting. When I know there …

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