Inside: a comprehensive glue guide to help you figure out which glue to use for what material.   In one of the corners of my craft room there is a drawer cabinet with drawers full of supplies. One of these drawers is full of glues and adhesives. The reason I have so many is because I’m always looking for the best glue that will hold what I need and will last forever. Wishful thinking… because as it turned out there’s no such thing! I found out that i need different glues for different materials so I started experimenting and here’s what I found out…     TYPES OF GLUE When you go to the craft store there are so many types of glue to choose from that it’s confusing. You want to get the best glue but you also want it to not be expensive, not turn yellow and not dry over time. So which kind should you get? This …


Inside: different ways to make amazing art journal pages with words, letters and text   Adding text is an important part of art journaling that is sometimes overlooked. Every art journal page has two parts: the ART which are the colors, layers and beautiful effects on the page and the JOURNALING which is the text. The text is what brings the page together and gives it the meaning or message we want to say.       TYPES OF TEXT ON ART JOURNAL PAGES There are many types of text that you can add to your art journal page and I’m not talking about the style of text but the way you say what you want to say. Here are some ideas: Quotes: saying by other people can sometimes say exactly what we feel. You can find lots of quotes online but my favorite site is BrainyQuote. Lyrics: everyone has a favorite song with that one line that just pierce …


Inside: 20 easy and fun ideas to scrap your leftovers without using special skills or tools.   Leftover supplies…paper scraps… we all have them in boxes, drawers and containers! Some of us have a lot and some of us just a little but we all stare at them not knowing how to use them. In this post I want to share with you some fun and easy ways to use your leftovers on your scrapbook pages so these piles will get a little smaller.     WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY LEFTOVERS? We love buying craft supplies for a specific project or just because we saw something we like at the craft store. But we usually buy more than we need. We use the supplies in a project but we don’t use all of them so we have little pieces of paper, ribbons etc. These leftovers go to a drawer or a box and we kind of forget them. …


inside: how to create a new, interesting and fun scrapbook pages!   Are you tired of having all your scrapbook pages look the same? Do you want to liven things up and make some new and interesting pages? Today I want to introduce to you a fun, whimsical and very unique scrapbook page style that you can make to create beautiful story like pages. This style of scrapbooking doesn’t really have an official name so let’s call it a storybook page style.     SCRAPBOOK PAGES STYLE Different scrapbookers have different styles and they create different pages. Some layouts will look clean and simple, others will be layered with patterned papers and embellishments. Some might have a funky, retro look while others look vintage and old-fashioned. These different looks are the scrapbook pages style. It’s simply the fashion of the page. It’s the look, the feel and the mood. It might be clean and simple, or funky, romantic or trendy. …


Inside: how to rescue your valuable old photos from magnetic albums   If you’re over 40 it means you probably have old magnetic albums, black glue-on scrapbooks or just old photos stashed in boxes or drawers. All these precious photos filled with memories and history are in danger! If you used “magnetic” pages in your album – the ones with sticky pages that you could cover with clear plastic – your photos might already be in rough shape. Photos on old black paper pages, even with photo corners, might not be faring well, either. If you do own one of these older photo albums full of precious family pictures then I advise you to do something NOW to try and prevent further deterioration.     WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOUR OLD PHOTOS Older magnetic photo albums have pages that are covered in strips of sticky glue that hold the photos to the pages. The pages are then sealed under a …


Inside: how to make amazing altered art projects from stuff you have in your house!   A wise man once said: creative people can make art from anything and I happen to agree. Us crafters, designers, artists (or any other name you want to use) see a potential craft project in things other people don’t. How many times did you see an item thrown out that you thought you could transform to something beautiful? I bet more than once…     Creating art from everyday items and turning household objects or even unused or empty things to something beautiful is called altering or up-cycling. Altered art is a transformation or ‘alteration’ of ordinary, everyday objects into decorative pieces using a wide variety of different techniques and materials. It describes a way of recycling, and giving new life to all sorts of commonplace and functional (or perhaps even useless) items. WHY CREATE ALTERED ART Once you get the idea of looking at …


Inside: full proof ways to save money on your craft supplies   We all know crafting is an expensive hobby! the manufacturers don’t help when they release new products two or three times a year and stores fill their shelves with crafty eye candies as far as the eye can see. However it is possible to stay within a budget and save money on craft supplies.     SAVE MONEY ON CRAFT SUPPLIES IN THE CRAFT ROOM Saving money on craft supplies starts strangely enough in your craft room! Not because you stop buying craft supplies but because you start being smart about the craft supplies you already have. MAXIMIZING CRAFT SUPPLIES Saving bits and bobs from projects is a good way to cut your crafting expenses because you may have much of what you need for your project already on hand. Scrapbooking and paper crafts are perfect examples. I have boxes full of random-sized pieces of patterned papers and …

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