Altered Halloween Spell Book

I think the most fun projects I ever made were made for Halloween. I love all the creepy spooky stuff you get to add to everything and even if I don’t celebrate this holiday it’s still fun. This altered spell book takes a little time to create but I think the result is worth the wait.

You start with an old book and a plastic skull. If you have a spider or some other Halloween embellishment you can use that instead. The next step is to create texture on the front cover of the book by adding the skull and a spider web with a hot glue gun. Don’t worry if the lines are not straight or you get glue hair, the more texture the better.

When the glue is dry cover it with a damp paper towel and Mod Podge. Once that’s dry (remember I told you it takes time? Be patient) paint everything with black acrylic paint. It doesn’t look much but when the paint dries make the lines of the web pop out with Inka gold. I also added a little brown acrylic paint to add another layer of color.

The final step is to glue the two front and back pages to the inside of the cover and age everything with distress ink. Next time we’ll work on the inside of the book…Can’t wait!

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Have fun creating! 

7 comments on “Altered Halloween Spell Book

  • Caroline Poirier says:

    J’ai découvert par hasard votre site et j’adore vraiment….vous parlez très bien…expliquez bien ….jaime la couleur de vos papiers…vous avez du goût !
    Je fait du scrapbooking depuis 6 ans et j’adore beaucoup…
    Merci pour tout vos magnifiques partage..

  • I love your creations! I am over 70 and we started crafting with our Mom eons ago! You are one of the best! And I can listen to you forever! Your voice is soothing not grateing like some…who try to be cute, sexy or funny! I am one who just wants to hear how you do the project and your opinion on what you think is the best product and best way to to do certain steps! Thank you!

  • Bronwen Maxwell says:

    Einat, thank you so much for this inspiration! I can’t believe you can transform a book with a glue stick, damp paper towels and modge podge! I’m going to have to try this. I have a spider die that I think would work well! Off to the thrift store to find a book! I also have some milk cartons ready to become haunted houses! You are so creative — thank you for sharing.


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