Inside: how to make a tunnel card   I love making cards but I always try to give them an interesting twist. This card looks regular on the outside but inside there is a 3D surprise when you open it!       WHAT IS A TUNNEL CARD   A tunnel card lets you build up dimensional scenes on your paper craft projects, and it works really well to create fun-filled scenes. You can also make a tunnel card like I did with no scene just the tunnel to make the wow factor.   OTHER TUNNEL PAPER CRAFTS   Making this type of 3D effect is not limited to cards only. Here are some tunnel paper crafts ou can make: Steampunk tunnel book Tunnel frame   HOW TO MAKE A DIY TUNNEL CARD   STEP 1   Start with cutting two 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ double sided cardstock. One piece will be the tunnel and the other piece …

How to Create Your Own Chipboard with Sizzix

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you How to Create Your Own Chipboard with Sizzix. Chipboards are amazing and easy to use and they come in all shapes and sizes. But you can never have all of them so what happens when you need a certain shape but don’t have it? Create it yourself!     How to Create Your Own Chipboard with Sizzix Chipboard is basically layers of thinner paper glued to one another with special glue and pressure. You don’t need any special machines or glue to create your own custom designed chipboard. All you need is a Sizzix die of your favorite shape and some strong liquid glue. Die cut the shape at least seven times from cardstock.      Then start attaching the shape together in layers. Make sure to align the edges and glue each layer exactly on top of the previous one.     When it’s all dry you have …

Leftover Chipboard Mixed Media Canvas

Hi dear crafty friends! Do you have a lot of chipboard leftovers? letters, pieces you can’t find what to do with and even the chipboard sheets that held the shapes you already used. I don’t throw them away and I have a LOT! So today i want to share with you how to create a Leftover Chipboard Mixed Media Canvas. Leftover Chipboard Mixed Media Canvas For this canvas I used an 8×8 canvas. First I added a little texture to the background with a stencil and modeling paste. Then I started adding leftover chipboard letters.     The next step was to add leftover chipboard sheets in the center to add height to more chipboard shapes like borders and frames. I also used circle chipboards that had the letters in them.     Then I painted everything with black gesso and added metallic paints. To finish the canvas I added a few metal shapes to compliment the paints. The final …


  Inside: how to decorate a box with chipboard   My one great craft supply weakness is boxes! I admit I can’t throw them away and every box I see is a potential craft project for me. So I have a pile of boxes from all materials in my craft room and I get to stare at them daily. But sometimes inspiration strikes and I take one box and make it into something beautiful…     ALTERING AND EMBELLISHING BOXES   Boxes are a great thing to alter or embellish: They are made of materials that are easy to cover with paper, paint or color. Boxes are useful so altering them is not just taking care of the environment but also creating more storage for you. You can find boxes in all shapes and sizes. They are 3D which allows more design options. You can decorate them with almost any object or embellishments.   DECORATE A BOX WITH CHIPBOARD   …


  Inside: how to make easy handmade snowflakes cards with paper techniques   I always say I was born in the wrong country because I love winter however I was born in a warm and sunny country. Whenever there is cold and rain I’m happy, unfortunately we only get snow on the mountains in the north. But that doesn’t stop me from celebrating snow with these two snowflakes cards.       SNOWFLAKES CARDS TECHNIQUES   You can make winter and snow cards in many techniques including making faux snow, you can see how here. I made these cards with two easy paper techniques:   QUILLING   Quilling is the craft of creating designs by rolling narrow strips of paper. Pre-cut quilling paper is available to buy in many colors and various widths – usually 3mm to 10mm – either from craft stores or online. Alternatively, you can cut your own strips from medium weight paper – about the weight of …

12 Cards of Christmas – Two Designs with Sizzix Dies

Hi dear crafty friends! Today on 12 Cards of Christmas – Two Designs with Sizzix Dies. AS you know I’m on the Sizzix design team and I’m having fun using their dies especially for cards. And what better time then Christmas to use some dies and create some easy cards but with a little twist…     12 Cards of Christmas – Two Designs with Sizzix Dies Circle Fold Card     One of the ways to make a card looks a little more unique and interesting is to change its shape. You probably all know how to create a gate fold card but that’s ordinary. It can be beautiful and embellished but everybody is doing it right? How about changing the square shape of the card and add a circle? This card has one side of its fold square but the other side is a circle! How fun is that? If you like this twist you can change the …

How to create a 3D mixed media project

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m answering a question I get asked a lot: How to create a 3D mixed media project. People often ask me how do you get so much dimension on your mixed media projects especially regarding the elements. The basic question is how to give them enough height and create the layers that make the project look 3D. Well… here’s a tutorial to answer this question.     How to create a 3D mixed media project The basic idea is to arrange you elements in layers and give every layer extra height with chipboard pieces. I used to use foam tape which I realized does not hold the weight of these elements especially the metal ones. Plus it’s kind of expensive if you need to use a lot of it. Instead I’m using thick chipboard pieces which I cut from leftover chipboard pieces. I glue the chipboard pieces together and then attach the element to the …

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