What’s in My Head Layout with Graphic 45

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share What’s in My Head Layout with Graphic 45 papers I created. I almost never create pages with my own photos but this funky layout has not only a photo of my face but also some really fun embellishments that I added to it.     What’s in My Head Layout with Graphic 45 The theme of this page was something about us. I had to think a lot about how to show all the things that fill my head and I came up with this whimsical way.  First I took a black and white photo of me and cut out my head like an opening lid. I added lots of different pieces on the page to show all the thoughts and ideas that are “poring” out of my head.  Then I cut all the images from different Graphic 45 papers and also added a title with some letter stickers. A creative …


  Inside: how to make a gift card holder for Christmas and other occasions   Do you like Christmas shopping? I have to admit I love shopping but I hate the crowds and the long lines so I try to avoid them. My way of doing that is to get gift cards for all my family and friends. Getting someone a gift card is not only easy for the shopper it’s also great for the recipient because they can get what they really want!       WHY GIVE GIFT CARDS   Easy to shop and you can find it in all the stores Light weight and can easily be mailed everywhere Allows the recipient to choose their own gift Gives the giver control of the cost because they can decide how much money to load on the gift card Small enough to be a part of a larger gift or a bundle of gift cards Fits every occasion!   …


  Inside: the best two ways to make really pretty Christmas tree cards   I love flowers and I love receiving beautifyl buckets of flowers. The only thing about flowers that I don’t like is that after a few days they wilt and little pieces of them fall on the table cloth. That made me think about Christmas trees… I always wondered how you keep the tree fresh and does it shed its leafs on the carpet because that would make me crazy! (As a jew I don’t celebrate Christmas so I actually don’t know how that works)… Moving on… The most iconic symbol of Christmas is the Christmas tree and what better way to celebrate the holiday with the best ways of making a Christmas tree card.           CHRISTMAS TREE FACTS   Christians weren’t the first to admire and decorate Christmas trees. The tradition started more than 2,000 years ago when pagans used to worship …


  Inside: how to make easy last minute Chritms cards in less than 5 minutes   Christmas is almost here and times are really hectic so unfortunately you are missing some Christmas cards that you didn’t have time to make. You have two choices: one, to accept your fate and deal with the fact that you won’t have enough cards for everyone you want or you can make two last minute Christmas cards in less than 5 minutes!         LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS CARD IDEAS   E-CARD   Send a special card online and make it special with a unique addition like a donation, a personal photo or even a favorite song.   PRINTABLE CARDS   Find a cute or funny printable card on etsy print it on your home printer and your card is ready!   DIY LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS CARDS   When you’re stressed for time you can still make handmade Christmas cards that are pretty …

My Top 3: Art Journaling Quick Fixes

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m sharing on My Top 3: Art Journaling Quick Fixes. Sometimes things don’t go as you plan even for me. I don’t like how my art journal page turned out or I’m stuck and don’t know how to continue. I have 3 ways of fixing that…     My Top 3: Art Journaling Quick Fixes 1. Start again This fix is kind of obvious. But how do you start again? The best way is to cover everything with white gesso and simple do the page from the beginning. If you do like parts of the page you can cover only part of it or some of the elements. If covering the page or part of it with gesso is not the solution then you can cover the part you don’t like with acrylic paints or a piece of tissue or pattern paper. Art journaling is very forgiving so you can always create a new layer …

12 Cards of Christmas – Snowflakes Cards

Hi dear crafty friends! Today on 12 Cards of Christmas – Snowflakes Cards. I know it’s not winter all over the world and not every one gets snow on Christmas but since I love snow I wanted to make to cards with a snowflake motif. This way if I don’t get real snow at least I’ll get it on a card 🙂     12 Cards of Christmas – Snowflakes Cards Gig Snowflake Card I just love creating snowflakes. It’s easy if you keep in mind that a snowflake has six identical sides. So basically you have to repeat yourself six times and then you get a really beautiful design. I came up with a simple way to create a big snowflake on a card.     Snowflakes Wreath Card For the next card I used a snowflake shape in a different way. I created a wreath assembled from little red and green snowflakes. Who said that snowflakes had to …

Scrapbooking Tips: Adding People Backs’ Photos

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m sharing on Scrapbooking Tips: Adding People Backs’ Photos. Usually we take photos of people when we see their faces but I also like to take photos when people have their back turned. It’s different, it’s unusual and it brings an interesting dimension to the page. Here’s how I do it…     Scrapbooking Tips: Adding People Backs’ Photos First let me say that taking photos of people’s backs is not only fun but it can even be better. Why? because this way people are in their natural state and not posing for the camera. They don’t even notice that you’re taking their photo so their behavior is free and real. You get the best photos this way.     When I create a page with these photos I go through my design process like I always do. I try to leave the photo the center of my page and not make the page too …

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