Inside: how to make an easy combination of an easel and stair step card   I don’t like the words can’t or impossible so when I have a situation that seems impossible I always try to find a way to solve it or go around it. This is what happened when I wanted to make two cards I like in one. I found a way to combine an Easel card and a Stair Step Card.       HOW TO MAKE AN EASEL CARD   An easel card is a really fun card that is flat when inside he envelope but when opened stands up in a triangle shape. There are many versions of this card and here are a few you can make: Triple easel card Twisted easel card   HOW TO MAKE A STEP CARD   A step card is also a 3D card when its full effect is visible when it’s opened. This card has folds …

Foamiran Flowers Card and Tutorial

Hi dear crafty friends! I want to share with you my Foamiran Flowers Card and Tutorial. This is a card I created as part of my Scrap & Craft design team. Other then beautiful papers and chipboards I used Foamiran to create the flowers on the card.     Foamiran Flowers Card and Tutorial What is foamiran? Foamiran is a stretchy material (foam) 0,8 mm or 0.6 mm thick which looks like paper. It reacts to heat and it is easy to shape when warm. Please note that this is a special kind of foam dedicated to flower making. It’s not ordinary craft foam 2 mm thick Which you can buy in crafts stores with products for kids.     Start by cutting out flowers in two different sizes. You can use any flower die you have in your stash. It will not work with punches but if you don’t have any dies you can trace a flower pattern onto the …


  Inside: how to make a tunnel card   I love making cards but I always try to give them an interesting twist. This card looks regular on the outside but inside there is a 3D surprise when you open it!       WHAT IS A TUNNEL CARD   A tunnel card lets you build up dimensional scenes on your paper craft projects, and it works really well to create fun-filled scenes. You can also make a tunnel card like I did with no scene just the tunnel to make the wow factor.   OTHER TUNNEL PAPER CRAFTS   Making this type of 3D effect is not limited to cards only. Here are some tunnel paper crafts ou can make: Steampunk tunnel book Tunnel frame   HOW TO MAKE A DIY TUNNEL CARD   STEP 1   Start with cutting two 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ double sided cardstock. One piece will be the tunnel and the other piece …

Pop Up Box Card with Studio 75

Hi dear crafty friends! I previously shared with you how to combine a mini album with a box. Why not combine a card with a box too? Today I’m sharing my Pop Up Box Card with Studio 75.     Pop Up Box Card with Studio 75 Before you get mad that I didn’t make a tutorial on how to create this pop up box card let me just say I had to make this card in a hurry but I promise to make a video tutorial in the future. But if you don’t want to wait you can find lots of tutorials online.       This card looks much more difficult than it is. The basic idea is to create a box with no bottom and with three strips in the center. These strips hold all the layers of cut out shapes you attach and gives the 3D look to the finished box. This card can be folded …

How to Create an Easel Card with Studio 75

Hi dear crafty friends! I love giving cards that I made, but sometimes a regular card feels to little. So today I want to share How to Create an Easel Card with Studio 75 which is a little more than a card. It has an option to be opened and stand on its own so it looks much more impressive and a great display.     How to Create an Easel Card with Studio 75 A easel card might look complicated but it’s really easy to create. 1. Start with a piece of 12 x 4 double sided cardstock. You need both sides of the cardstock because the other side will show when the card is standing. 2. Score on 6″ and 9″. Fold both fold line in the same direction.     3. Create a focal point to the card. I used three different sizes of circle scallop punches. I attached them with foam tape for extra dimension. Then …

Z Fold Card with Studio 75

Hi dear crafty friends!  Today I want to share with you a Z Fold Card with Studio 75 new paper collection: Cherry Blossom. I don’t make cards very often but when I do I like to add something extra to them. This time the card opens a little different which makes it much more interesting!     Z Fold Card with Studio 75 Creating a Z fold card is really easy. I created a horizontal card but you can easily make it vertical. The principal is to fold the cardstock in half and then fold one of the sides in half again. Fold the cardstock in an accordion shape to create the Z.       Here’s how to make this card: Take a 4″ x 12″ piece of double sided cardstock and fold it in half. Then fold the left 6″ x 4″ rectangle on the 2″ from the edge and fold in the opposite direction. The Z on …

Three Cards – One Paper with Graphic 45

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m sharing a really cool project: Three Cards – One Paper with Graphic 45. This project is not only fun and easy to create it only takes 60 seconds!!     Three Cards – One Paper with Graphic 45 All you need for this project is one double sided 12×12 pattern cardstock. I used the Secret Garden paper collection by Graphic 45. I really love this collection even though it has light pastel colors and it is not typically me. However it is great for projects like this when you want to create soft and pretty cards.         All the directions on how to create these three cards from just one piece of 12×12 paper are in the video tutorial. Check it out!     Have you Joined the VIP Room? Where every month you’ll get new class grade video tutorials, be the first to hear about new products, get access to printables and …

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