Treasure Mini Book

Hi dear crafty friends! Us crafters are a strange bunch… we can’t throw anything right? We see a creative potential in almost any paper piece or little trinket. Slowly we accumulate lots of these little leftovers and embellishments and they sit patiently somewhere and wait for us to do something with them. Today I want to share my Treasure Mini Book that was created with some of my little treasures!     Treasure Mini Book For this project O took out one of my treasure boxes that is filled with little metal junk and leftover pieces I collected over time. I also took some non metal little pieces that were hiding in another box. I took pieces of fabric and cut them in half. Then bound with paper strips folded in half. Each side of the strip was glued to a different fabric.         The fun part was creating the pages. I wanted each page to have a …

Mini Album Tips: Using Scraps!

Hi dear crafty friends! Every month I post about a scrapbooking tip to make your layouts look better. This series is such a success I decided to also share my tips about mini albums. Especially with all the questions I’m getting about the mini albums I create! So I’m proud to present Mini Album Tips: Using Scraps!       Mini Album Tips: Using Scraps! Since mini albums are small in size they are the best opportunity to use your scraps! Every once in a while I like to collect a few scraps of papers and use them as pages in a mini album. The secret is to decide what is the size of the largest page, for example 6″ x 6″ and have all the scraps in that size and smaller.         Once you pick all the pieces bind them together with rings or a binding machine and start adding embellishments, photos and journaling! You can find …

Secret Garden Album in a Box

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you my Secret Garden Album in a Box made for the Graphic 45 design team. You know I love boxes. They seem to capture my imagination and I always try to come up with new ways of incorporating them in my projects. So I took a box and made it into a mini album…     Secret Garden Album in a Box At first glance it might seem like a regular box that I covered with papers and embellished. But this box is actually a mini album…        To create this mini album box I used the Graphic 45 kraft ATC box. I love its size and that it’s deep and can fit a lot inside. I cut the side of the box and attached a binding mechanism. This way the box is both a box and the cover for the mini album. Then I added the pages of …

Jumbo Kenya Mini Album with Graphic 45

Hi dear crafty friends! I just went through my computer files and photos and realized I haven’t shared a lot of the DT projects I made for Graphic 45! So today I want to share with you the Jumbo Kenya Mini Album with Graphic 45 Safari Adventures paper collection.       Jumbo Kenya Mini Album with Graphic 45 If you read Things you didn’t know about me blog post you know I lived in Kenya for three years. So when I saw the Safari Adventure paper collection I was so happy and I knew immediately what I wanted to create. I created this interactive mini album with letter tags pages that spell the words Jambo Kenya, which means Hello Kenya.     This is such a fun mini album that is ready for all my photos. Or at least some of them… you collect a lot of photos in three years 🙂 I also made a little video showing …

The Ultimate Inserts Series

Hi dear crafty friends! I’m really excited to start a new series: The Ultimate Inserts Series. So often we concentrate on creating a beautiful mini album full of flaps and interesting pockets but when it comes to putting things inside the pockets we almost never spend enough time on that. This new series is all about the inserts! An interactive, fun and space efficient mechanisms to put inside all the pockets we create in the mini album.   The Ultimate Inserts Series In this series we’ll learn more than 30 different types of inserts that can fit photos and journaling. This series will be a detailed guide and catalog for all things inserts and whenever you’ll need to create an insert to a mini album you’ll find an idea here. For each lesson you’ll receive a downloadable PDF cutting guide and written instructions.   1. Side Flap: a basic flap that can be opened to any direction you choose. 2. Pocket …

Mini Album Secrets Revealed!

Hi dear crafty friends! Today all Mini Album Secrets Revealed! I get so many questions about how I create my mini albums and how I come up with all the ideas for the interactive mechanisms and inserts. I want to share with you my mini album secrets and let you have a glance at the process of making them.     Mini Album Secrets Revealed! 1. Plan! I always plan my mini album before I build it. It’s important especially when you want to create moving parts and make sure they work. You need to measure carefully and be precise even if it takes a little longer. The result is worth it! 2. Broaden your thought! When you create an interactive mechanism don’t just think about one mechanism like a flap or a pocket. Think about combinations. Create a flap, which is also a pocket, that opens up and has another pocket inside with a little flap insert. It’s basically …

New Class – Go Girl Mini Album

Hi dear crafty friends! I’m so thrilled to announce a New Class – Go Girl Mini Album. I’m going to teach this class all through 2018 so you can start inviting me!     New Class – Go Girl Mini Album Today I taught this class foe the first time and it was so much fun! This interactive mini album is created with the Fabulous collection by Authentique and is packed with so many moving parts. There are amazing flaps, surprising inserts and secret pockets that are all embellished with the stickers and cutouts of the collection.       The mini album is made from scratch including the cover and can hold more than 50 photos. it’s be an amazing gift for a fabulous girl or woman or a great “house” for your photos.  If you own a store or a workshop space contact me to find more details on this class. Have you Joined the VIP Room? Where every month …

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