Love Notes Mini Album with Graphic 45

Hi dear crafty friends! Time is flying so fast it’s almost Valentine’s Day. So today I want to share a Love Notes Mini Album with Graphic 45. It’s a fast project you can make for someone special as a card and a gift!     Love Notes Mini Album with Graphic 45 1. Use six ATC envelopes to create the pages of the mini album.     2. Punch a hole on the closed side of each envelope and bind with a ring.     3. Embellish each envelope with Valentine’s day themed papers.     4. Add a tag to each envelope. Write your gift on the tag. For example: home cooked dinner, massage etc.     5. Embellish the ring with ribbons.     Here are some suggestions for the envelope embellishments. Cut elements from the paper and use as embellishments or use stickers, stamps and ribbons.       This Love Notes Mini Album with Graphic 45 is really easy and fun …

Interactive Extravaganza Mini Album. Graphic 45 DT.

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m sharing a new project Interactive Extravaganza Mini Album. Graphic 45 DT. This mini album took a long time to create but it was so worth the effort. It’s full of interactive flaps, pockets and inserts you might think it’s complicated to create but it’s not. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!   Interactive Extravaganza Mini Album. Graphic 45 DT. I started with the Rectangle tag and pocket mini album which is wonderful because it comes with a few interactive surprises. All its pages are full side pocket pages and there are also pockets on the front of some of the pages. So half of the work is already done right? All you need is to cover the pages with papers and you are ready to add photos. However if you’re like me covering the pages with photos might not be enough. You, like me, might want to add even more interactive mechanisms to …

Tonight is Halloween Cascade Mini Album

Hi dear crafty friends! It’s Halloween! So today I want to share with you a new mini album especially for Halloween: Tonight is Halloween Cascade Mini Album. This album is so fun and easy to make you won’t believe it! And just in time to include all your spooky and fantastic photos from the day.     Tonight is Halloween Cascade Mini Album The album is designed with two cascading pages on each side of the inside cover. The pages’ base is black as well as the cover. For this mini album’s pages and embellishments I used the Tonight is Halloween 6×6 paper collection designed by…me! Yes I designed all the papers in this collection including two pages with tags, quotes and other fun stuff you can fussy cut. We can’t have a mini album without a little fussy cutting right? Take a look at some of the pages inside this spooktacular mini album:             …


  Inside: how to make a one sheet wonder mini album   I sometimes feel bored with making mini albums and that I’m doing the same things over and over again, so I decided to challenge myself to do something different. The challenge was to make a mini album from only one sheet of 12×12 cardstock including a cover…       WHAT IS A ONE PAGE WONDER PROJECT   A one sheet wonder project is a craft project that is made from only one piece of paper, ususally fom a 12×12 or a 8.5×11 paper. These projects are usually mini albums and cards and they are very popular because they are easy and fast to make.   WHY MAKE ONE SHEET WONDER MINI ALBUMS   This type of mini album is very fast to make so if yo want to make a project in one afternoon or in a crop this is the project for you. It is easy …

Washi Tape Binding Mini Album Tutorial

Hi dear crafty friends! I often get asked about binding mini albums. There are lots of ways to bind a mini album and today I want to share with you a Washi Tape Binding Mini Album Tutorial. This binding technique is great for small mini albums that don’t have a lot of pages and are not too bulky. All you need for this binding technique is a wide washi tape and some cardstock.     Washi Tape Binding Mini Album Tutorial When you create a mini album you usually create the mini album first and then bind it allowing it room to expand. This is necessary for photos and journaling and of course interactive mechanisms. In this album we do the same however the spacers we insert to allow room for the album to expand are not necessary.  This method of binding is the most basic method there is and can be applied with larger albums. If you do bind …

How to Create Odd Shape Mini Album Pages

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m sharing How to Create Odd Shape Mini Album Pages using my Flip Flop Mini Album as an example. It’s really fun to create mini albums that have pages in different shapes. Shapes that are not squares or rectangles, shapes that are more interesting and unusual like circles or even in a shape of a flip flop.     How to Create Odd Shape Mini Album Pages Here are my tipson How to Create Odd Shape Mini Album Pages 1. Don’t let the shape confuse you Sometimes when you have to create or embellish a page that had an unusual shape you find yourself intimidated or frozen. Because we’re used to working on squares a different shape can be confusing. But don’t let that discourage you! Whatever the shape of the page is limit yourself to it’s boundaries and work within them.     2. Match your embellishments Usually when a page has a different shape …


  Inside: how to make an inspiration mini book with patterns and color combinations   Do you ever create for the sake of creating and fun or do you always create something that is useful and has a purpose? I love creating with no specific goal or purpose just for the fun and the creative process. When that happens I start with a technique or a material and just play with it until something starts to form. This process is very inspiring because it allows you to experiment, try new things without worrying you’ll destroy a specific project.       WHAT IS AN INSPIRATION MINI BOOK   An inspiration book is something that inspires you to start a creative process. Each one is inspired by different things so each inspiration book will look different. The book can inspire you while you create it or after it’s complete – it is all up yo you!   HOW TO MAKE YOUR …

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