Inside: how to use masking tape on your art journal page   Sometimes the best art journaling techniques are with the most simple items you have at home and that are not originally made for crafts. I had a lot of masking tape and I wanted to use it for something so I came up woth a fun way to use it on my art journal page.     USING MASKING TAPE IN CRAFTS   Masking tape, also known as painter’s tape, is a type of pressure-sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper, and an easily released pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is available in a variety of widths. It is used mainly in painting, to mask off areas that should not be painted. The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness, as it allows the tape to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied. The tape is available in …

How to Create a Gelli® Printed Tissue Paper Background

Hi dear crafty friends! Do you love making your own custom supplies? Today I’m sharing How to Create a Gelli® Printed Tissue Paper Background. If you haven’t tried Gelli printing yet I really recommend it. It’s fun and creative and you can’t go wrong because every print you make is pretty and unique.     How to Create a Gelli® Printed Tissue Paper Background Usually Gelli printing or mono printing is done on a thick watercolor paper or cardstock but printing on tissue paper is amazing! Why? because it gives you a unique effect you can’t get with any other material. I’m using tissue paper that I bought at my local craft store. You can also use the tissue paper you find in shoe boxes too, it’s basically the same. I like to cut my tissue paper into squares and just have fun with the Gelli plate, some acrylic paints and stamps. Make sure to be careful when you remove …

How to Create an Art Journal Page with Texture

Hi dear crafty friends!Today I want to share with you How to Create an Art Journal Page with Texture. I get a lot of questions about texture in art journaling. The problem with art journaling is that unlike a canvas you can’t really add very bold texture or you will not be able to close your journal. However, having said that, you absolutely can and should add texture to your pages!  How to Create an Art Journal Page with TextureFirst I want to explain the term texture. Contrary to what you might think there are TWO types of texture: texture you can feel with your fingers or tactile texture and the other kind is visual texture, the texture you can see with your eyes.Most of the texture we add to art journaling pages is visual: patterns of all kinds, layers of color, images and bold shapes. However, it is possible to add tactile texture too, only while baring in mind it …

How to Create a Clean Look in Your Art Journal

There is a misconception that art journal pages should be busy, with lots of colors and packed with techniques. But I want to show you How to Create a Clean Look in Your Art Journal. An art journal page can be simple and clean with a lot of white space as long as you like it. Here is how you can create such a page in your art journal:   How to Create a Clean Look in Your Art Journal   The best material to use in my opinion is water colors. Water colors have a transparent soft look that is perfect for a clean look yet colorful. I didn’t have anything in mind when I started the page. I just took my water brush and started adding color to the page.     Usually at this point I get an idea of how I want to continue. But if I don’t I simply add more color or shapes. Sooner …


  Inside: how to make an art journal page with hand drawn shapes   I have a confession… I don’t know how to draw! Yes, your read correctly, I don’t know how to draw and I’m not ashamed of saying it! I’m a living example how a lack of any drawing skills is irrelevant to making beautiful art journal page because I think we can all agree that I can make beautiful art journal pages. So what’s the deal? The deal is that you can make amazing art journal pages with basic sketching or drawing skills like drawing lines, circles and ovals. Scroll down and see how!     HAND DRAWN IMAGES   Contrary to what you might think everyone can draw! Hand drawn images simply vary from works of art like Picasso to simple basic hand drawn images and shapes so the only question is where are you on this scale. Like I said before I can’t draw but …

Scrapbooking Tips: How to Create Landscape

I got a lot of requests for scrapbooking ideas and techniques so I’m starting a new series: Scrapbooking Tips. Today on the first post in the series I’m sharing Scrapbooking Tips: How to Create Landscape. My goal is to share tips and ideas on creating scrapbooking pages with what you have in your stash. I want to help you use your stash and create affordable, fast and fun pages.   Scrapbooking Tips: How to Create LandscapeCreating landscape with grass, trees and more is very easy and doesn’t require expensive materials or fancy techniques.How to create grass?For this technique all you need is a green wide ribbon. Pleat the ribbon and adhere it to your page (if you want to create the landscape don’t adhere it yet). The pleats create movement like the moving grass.  How to create a tree?To create a tree use scraps of brown and green card stock. Cut a tree trunk with three branches and ink the edges. Then cut …


  Inside: what is abstract painting and how you can make it without complicated techniques or artistic experience.   I consider myself an artist but I have no formal artistic education and I don’t have an art degree or even traditional experience. Even though I don’t have all that I still call myself an artist because I make art and create it in my own way. The art I make might not follow the traditional rules or laws but it says something to me and that’s what matters. Making art is something everyone can do and I believe abstract art is the way to start!     WHAT IS ABSTRACT PAINTING   Abstract painting does not depict a person, place or thing in the natural world, even in an extremely distorted or exaggerated way. Therefore, the subject of the work is based on what you see: color, shapes, brushstrokes, size, scale and, in some cases, the process.   HOW TO …

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