Inside: how to combine mixed media in scrapbooking without compromising on techniques and photos   I used to think that mixed media and scrapbooking can’t go together. In my mind hey seem to contradict each other because how can I use “wet” materials like sprays or modeling paste with photos that need to stay dry. Of course I was wrong! Not only that mixed media and scrapbooking can go together, it’s an amazing way of making interesting and unique pages!     WHAT IS MIXED MEDIA IN SCRAPBOOKING   First we need to be clear on the two different types of craft that we want to combine: Scrapbooking is the art of documenting life with photos, papers and embellishments. It’s a “dry” craft that uses mainly paper and paper related products like chipboard, stickers etc. Mixed media is an art form that combined different techniques and materials. It uses “wet” materials like paints, sprays, modeling paste and gesso. When …


  Inside: the basic elements you need to know to make amazing interactive mini albums   Remember the line from the movie Forest Gump? “Life is like a box of chocolate…you never know what you’re gonna get” I think it should apply to mini albums too. It’s much more fun and interesting to look through a mini album when you don’t know what you’re going to get or see. The element of surprise is best achieved with interactive moving parts like flaps, windows, pockets and other unexpected mechanisms to surprise you.     WHAT IS AN INTERACTIVE MINI ALBUM?   Interactive mini album is a mini album that has active mechanisms inside, such as pockets, flaps and tags. The viewer is not just looking at pages and photos but has to be actively participating by opening, pulling, sliding parts on the page. That makes the mini album experience much more interesting, fun and exciting!     WHY MAKE INTERACTIVE MINI …


  Inside: fun and easy 5 minute project ideas you’ll love to make!   If I could have my wish I’d have 3 extra hours a day just for crafting. Unfortunately I don’t see it happen… we only have 24 hours a day and we mostly fill them with things we have to do, work, kids etc. But I need more crafting time! So if I can’t control how many hours are in a day I’ll control how much time I need for crafting! My formula is simple – make 5 minute projects that are also useful and kill two birds in one stone… craft AND make things someone can use so they’ll be perfect as gifts or for future projects.     5 MINUTE PROJECT IDEAS The key for 5 minute projects is not necessarily work fast but make easy projects that don’t involve complicated techniques, lots of materials and long processes. It might not take exactly 5 minutes …


  Inside: how to alleviate stress with art journaling   In these crazy times many experience stress or anxiety. It’s normal. Unfortunately I can say that I have experienced situations like that before. When you live in a country where other people don’t want you here and try to scare you off or drive you out with rockets then you have experienced life threatening situations before. Some people freeze or get anxiety attacks but I refused to go there (not that it’s always a choice…sometimes it’s just happens to you) I made a choice to work through my fear and stress with art.     ALLEVIATE STRESS WITH ART JOURNALING   Studies say making art reduces stress, even if you suck at it. The Journal of the American Art Therapy Association says that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body, regardless of artistic experience or talent. While you can make any type of art you like …


Inside: how to make art & crafts when you’re stuck at home   How are you doing in these crazy times? Most likely you’re stuck at home like the rest of us and bored out of your mind 🙂 Even though creative people are seldom bored finding new ways to make arts & crafts is always a good idea.     MAKING ARTS & CRAFTS IN QUARANTINE   Even if you’re stuck at home there are still ways you can make arts & crafts. It’s well known that art and crafts are therapeutic and can help alleviate stress and cope with anxiety. So making arts & crafts can be valuable now even more so finding time for that everyday is great! Don’t worry about your craft stash – almost all these ideas require basic craft supplies and you can use whatever you have in your stash!   MAKE ART   It might sound stupid and obvious but it can be …


  Inside: 10 things you can do with a blank canvas. From painting and spraying to collage techniques and stamping – check out all the options!   Raise your hand if you ever found yourself sitting in front of a blank canvas with no idea what to do… Finally have time to create something and you’re in the mood and the house is quiet. You make your way to your craft room, pick a canvas and then… blank canvas syndrome! Nothing…nothing comes to your mind, no idea or inspiration. You look at the empty canvas and your mind goes blank. This happened to me so many times I lost count! So instead of surrendering to this syndrome I made a list of 10 techniques that will help me get things started. I have it on the wall in front of me so all I need to do is look up and be inspired!     BEST TECHNIQUES TO DO ON …


  Inside: The best tips to working with stencils and getting amazing results   Stencils are one of the most common crafting tools, we use it in mixed media, art journaling, scrapbooking and card making. As a long time crafter you can be sure I’ve made every mistake possible using stencils and paint. So make sure to read through these tips I’ve figured out over the years before you use stencils in your next project.     HOW TO USE STENCILS Stencils are very versatile and can be used in many different ways. They allow you to create patterns and images on almost any surface. The end result depends on the material you use with the stencil. The most important thing to remember about this is that the drier the material you use the better the result!   TIP #1: HOW TO HOLD YOUR STENCIL IN PLACE The best way to make sure your stencil doesn’t move is to secure …

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