Inside: 10 reasons you’ll want to make mini albums for your photos   When I discovered mini albums a few years back I thought I discovered a treasure! I thought it was a genius solution for many of the issues I had with the large 12×12 scrapbook pages. I have to admit that since then I hardly made any layouts and I’m completely in love with the mini album concept. However I often get asked what’s the point? Why make mini albums instead of the traditional 12×12 pages? What are the benefits… why should I make them?       WHY MAKE MINI ALBUMS   MANAGEABLE PROJECT   For some people, especially me, the thought of starting a big 12X12 scrapbook is just too overwhelming and time consuming. Just the thought of starting a large page, think about how to fit all these photos to one or two pages really discourages me from even starting. When I know there …


  Inside: how to make amazing cards with special effects   Even in this era of sending cards via the internet on on your mobile phone I still prefer getting real handmade physical cards. I consider myself a modern girl, I have an account on almost every social media platform I know my way around a smart phone and a computer but there is something about opening your mail box and seeing an envelope of something other than a bill and then opening that envelope and finding a card that was made with love just for you. I love that feeling…don’t you?     MAKING CARDS WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS   The next best feeling, or maybe even the best feeling is not receiving the card but making it! Christmas is almost here so if you haven’t started making cards…you should hurry! I love making cards but at some point making ordinary cards seemed boring not just for me but also …


Inside: The basic elements you need to make any Halloween project   It’s almost time for the spookiest time of the year… while I won’t be celebrating it I can still enjoy its spirit with a bunch of projects I plan to make. If you ask yourself why, well as an artist and a designer I work with lots of companies all around the world and I have an obligation to them and to you to keep inspiring you even though I’m not part of the celebrations!     HALLOWEEN PROJECT BASICS   Halloween projects are the best to make (at least for me) especially if you love all the spooky spirit and magical vibe. Over the years I found that some people create a Halloween project only if they have a theme paper for the holiday. Actually you can make a lot of Halloween craft projects just by adding a few basic element and you don’t necessarily need that …


  Inside: 15 amazing house project ideas like mini albums, cards and wall hangings you must make!   This original post was written in the summer of 2014 when we had gone through a terrible experience of war. Hundreds of rockets were fired on our cities and homes. But we didn’t back down or left we stayed and toughed it out. These are our homes and the only place we have on this earth so as bad as it got we endured. During that time I made a little collection of house theme craft projects I’ve made through the years but I wanted to update the post because many other fun projects were created since.       WHY DO WE LOVE HOUSE SHAPE PROJECTS The shape of a house always reminds us of our home, our family and maybe even our childhood. It’s that comfortable and safe feeling That we have when we get home that’s why the phrase …


  Inside: how to use buttons in craft projects in a fun and easy way!   I was lucky to have a grandmother until I was in my thirties. She was an amazing sewer and I remember her making me and my sister fabric toys and dolls. When she passed away I only asked my dad for one thing: I wanted to have her button collection. As a sewer she had a LOT – color organized in empty pill containers and small boxes. What a treasure! Until this day I use her collection in my craft projects and I just know she’s looking down on me and she’s really happy.     Buttons go back to prehistoric times and are around since men have started clothing themselves. Over the years they changed from animal bones to gold and ivory and from a necessity to a status symbol. By the 20th century they could be mass produced and buttons began to …

Carving Your Own Stamps

I found a new addiction. Don’t worry it’s not dangerous unless you count staying up all night playing and it’s not costly unless you consider $6 expensive. Curious? Well…I started carving my own stamps! Now before you roll your eyes and asking “carving your own stamps, really?” let me just say I was sceptic first. I thought to myself not only does it seem hard but I don’t know how to draw and carved stamps never look too pretty. Well…I was wrong! First of all it’s super easy and everybody can do it and second you don’t need to know how to draw and you can make amazing custom made stamps. Let’s address these issues one by one and I promise you by the end of the post you’ll be convinced as I am!  Carving your own stampsCarving your own stamps is hardIf you have the right tools it’s not only easy but it’s fun! All you need is a carving …


  Inside: how to make frugal DIY paper embellishments for the most amazing craft projects   How many times you were making a scrapbook page or a card and needed an embellishment but couldn’t find anything that fits? Instead of buying every embellishment in the craft store make your own!       WHAT IS FRUGAL CRAFTING   Frugal crafting is a way of crafting that emphasize using the craft supplies you have to make all your project and instead of buying supplies – making them from what you have! Here are a few tips how you can use the supplies you already have in your craft projects: Use household items as the base for your project. For example, use milk or juice cartons to make a project like a photo display, recipe box and more. Check out some ideas here. Add items from other parts of life as embellishments to your project. For example: use metal washers, screws and …

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