Building a Box in Less than 5 Minutes!

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m Building a Box in Less than 5 Minutes! Yes it’s possible and fun! I love creating fast projects! In just a few minutes you have a pretty and hopefully useful project and you can move on to the next one. Today I want to show you how to create a beautiful gift box I made with the amazing Little Women collection.     Building a Box in Less than 5 Minutes! All you need to create this project are two pieces of 12 x 12 cardstock. You don’t even need glue! The gift box has two parts: top and bottom. The top part is made from a 12×12 cardstock and the bottom part is made exactly the same way from a 11.5 x 11.5 cardstock.       Check out the video tutorial how to create this box:     I have two fun tips for you: When you create a two part project like …

Is it a Mini Album? Is it a Box? It’s Both!

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I have a question for you: Is it a Mini Album? Is it a Box? It’s Both! I’m sharing a great project that has it all. An exploding box with four different interactive mechanisms like an envelope, accordion mini album, mini book and pocket AND a complete mini album…all in one project!     Is it a Mini Album? Is it a Box? It’s Both! This project is the combination of two things I really love creating: mini albums and interactive projects. This project has it all! I really took it a little far this time but it was really fun to create. There is a different interactive mechanism on each wall of an exploding box. And in the center there is a mini album which is the secret to adding so much space for photos. his entire project can fit more than 40 photos!! can you believe it?!       To create this …

Spring Tags for Scrap and Craft DT

Hi dear crafty friends! I don’t know what’s the weather’s like where you live but here spring is in full swing. Today I want to share with you two Spring Tags for Scrap and Craft DT.     Spring Tags for Scrap and Craft DT Someone asked me awhile back about tags. They asked me what do I do with the tags I make and why do I create them in the first place. Well… for me tags are similar to cards. It’s a small project that I can create in a short time but still feel like I’m creating. Unlike cards, I think tags can be used for many more things. I use my tags as gift tags, add-ons, embellishments for layouts, mini album inserts and as cards too.           I created these tags by first layering papers from the Lemon Craft House of Roses 6×6 paper collection. Then I added a piece of lace, …

How to Create a Circle Box

Hi dear crafty friends! We’ve agreed in the past that creating boxes is fun! It’s also not very complicated. However circle boxes are a different story. So today I want to show you How to Create a Circle Box in an easy way!     How to Create a Circle Box 1. Start with cutting three strips of double sided cardstock measuring 12″ x 3″. 2. Score each strip on the 1/2″ line lengthwise and fold.     3. Cut one of the strips in half on the 6″ line width wise. Attach one long strip to one short strip to form one long strip. Repeat with the other two pieces so you’ll end up with two long strips. Make sure that the fold lines are in the same direction. 4. Cut two circles: one 5 1/2″in diameter and the other 5 3/8″. The larger circle will form the lid and the smaller circle will form the bottom. 5. Cut …

Exploding Box with Extras

Hi dear crafty friends! Aren’t exploding boxes great fun?! I love them! Today I want to share my Exploding Box with Extras. It’s not a regular exploding box with empty pages to add photos it’s an upgraded exploding boxes with interactive moving parts inside! I created this project for Scrap & Craft and used Craft O’ Clock papers.     Exploding Box with Extras Exploding boxes are already interactive and fun, especially when you open them and they open to all four directions. I wanted to take my exploding box to the next level and make room for even more photos. So I added an interactive mechanism to each side wall of the box and its center.               In the center I created an accordion mini album that can fit photos on both its sides. On the sides I added flaps and pockets. These interactive mechanisms allow you to add many more photos to …

How to Create a Tunnel Book with Graphic 45

Hi dear crafty friends! Now that my two year term as a Graphic 45 Grand Ambassador is almost coming to an end I went over all the projects I made and realized there are some I didn’t share here. One of them is How to Create a Tunnel Book with Graphic 45.     How to Create a Tunnel Book with Graphic 45 But first a few words on tunnel books… Tunnel books are made up of a series of pages that are held together by folded strips of paper on each side. In fact, the sides of a tunnel book might make you think of an accordion. The overall effect of a tunnel book is to create the illusion of depth and perspective.       I created this book with the Enchanted Forest collection. Since it’s full of castles, princesses and all things fairy tales I thought it would be great to create a story in a box, …

Accordion Mini Album in a Box with Graphic 45

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you a really fun project: Accordion Mini Album in a Box with Graphic 45. Don’t worry I will not leave you with just photos of this project…there is also a tutorial!     Accordion Mini Album in a Box with Graphic 45 I created this mini album in a box with two of my favorite Graphic 45 products: Secret Garden paper collection and the mixed media box that comes with cut squares for you to use as coasters, tags, mini album pages or cards.         The steps for this project are easy. First you need to cover the inside and outside of the box and then create the accordion mini album. Once the two pieces are ready it’s just a matter of combining them into one project.       Here are the steps to create this project: 1. Cut five 4″ x 1″ strips from black cardstock. …

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